Interview with Ka Sundance


Interview with Ka Sundance

Ka and his family have been traveling the world for well over a decade. Their fundamental aim is to show new and aspiring business owners, coaches and artists, how to transform their lives AND businesses to manifest more purpose, abundance, and freedom! Find out more about Ka and his family on their website, The Sundance Family.

Tell us a bit about your family and what kind of travel you have done.

My name is Ka Sundance and together with my wife Katie, we are parents to six children. We have been traveling since…forever! I have been traveling since I was a teenager and I met Katie while traveling. We conceived our first baby in Central America and the rest of our children were conceived and born in different parts of the world.

We live a location independent lifestyle. We don’t have a home, we don’t have a car, we are free and we have been worldchooling our children for 15 years. We enjoy traveling as a family and experiencing the wonders of the world together!

How old were your children when you first started your traveling lifestyle?

Again, we started to travel before our first baby was born 15 years ago. We have not known anything different. We are one of the few families that were traveling before there was even Internet. My first travels were in 1994 when I was a teenager.

What was the catalyst that made you decide to live differently and travel the world with your family?

We have always lived differently, there was no catalyst. We were always different. I hated school and I rebelled against society and my parents when I was a teenager. I always told myself that I wanted to do things differently. I did not want to become gray and unhappy like so many adults in Germany, Europe, and in the United States. I wanted to live a fulfilled and happy life and I was willing to do whatever it takes to do exactly that and my wife Katie was totally on board.

How have you chosen to educate your children while traveling? What are you educational philosophies?

We are unschoolers and worldschoolers. That means that we don’t have a clear curriculum. We live with our children and help them to grow based on their interests. Whatever they are interested in is what we focus on. We provide them with materials so they can learn and we support them in their learning.

We are very tight as a family and have lots of worldschooling friends that we meet in different locations and different continents. We travel with other families to experience the wonders of the world with friends.

Tell us one of your best worldschooling moments.

One of our best worldschooling moments was in 2015 with our friends from Worldschool Family in Morocco. At the time, the Dennings had 6 children and we had 5. We had 11 children riding through the Sahara Desert on camels into the night. That was amazing!

What is one of the things you wish you had known before you started out on your traveling lifestyle?

I wish we had known how easy it is and I wish we had not worried so much. In the early days, I wish we were more confident in our lifestyle, not questioning doing our own thing.

How do you find community on the road?

We have been building our own community. We have 500,000 fans on Facebook and 110,000 subscribers on YouTube and we get recognized on a daily basis wherever we travel. We have created our own community and we meet with people all around the world. Just this winter 2016/2017 we have been living with more than 200 people, mostly Germans, Austrians, and Swiss including more than 100 children. We came together to live together on a small remote island in Thailand. 90% of the families were worldschoolers. So we have a huge community of like-minded people that we travel with and meet in different parts of the world.

How do you finance your travels?

We have several online businesses offering our services in digital products and we make a very, very good living with this. Our self-created businesses finance everything.

What is your favorite country so far? Why?

We don’t have a favorite country, we have several. We love Costa Rica and Thailand the most because they are tropical, laid back, easy, and kid friendly. We have the big waves in Costa Rica and the Buddist laid-back lifestyle in Thailand.

What are some of the difficulties you have encountered while traveling and how have you overcome them?

I don’t speak enough languages! I love to communicate and really get in touch with the locals. We overcome this by using our hands and feet to communicate and really get in touch with the locals.

Tell us one thing you have learned about yourself, your family, or the world through travel.

One thing I have learned is how narrow-minded we can be if we never leave our home country. Still, to this day I am German and I find it hard to adapt to different ways of living life. So if there is one thing I have learned it is to be tolerant and open towards other ways of living.

What are your future travel plans?

We don’t plan on stopping travel. We are very spontaneous with our travel plans. Every year we want to see two or three new countries and plan on continuing to travel as long as our children want to.

What aspect of Family Adventure Summit are you most excited about?

Meeting like-minded people, and offering my children quality relationships to other amazing children.