2018 Children’s Activities

Kid’s Activities: Art, culture, technology, nature, and more!

We are planning an amazing program for kids of all ages! The conference will be jam packed full of fun for the children while the parents attend workshops. Workshops, educational classes, and fun and engaging activities will be available for the kids to choose from throughout the conference.

We have an amazing artist, Spramani Elaun who will be holding an Open Art space for kids (and adults) to come in and do self-directed art projects through the day. Spramani will also be giving presentations on cultivating a love of art for traveling families, and several art workshops throughout each day focusing on art that is portable for travel and using travel as your artistic inspiration!

Our children’s coordinator, Theresa Bovenzi, will be incorporating fun activities for the 5 and over crowd both indoors and out. Workshops will cover a full spectrum of adventure, culture, movement, music, art, and technology. Children can expect to be thoroughly engaged with a wide range of activities. All children’s activities will be taking place on the beautiful grounds at Hotel Real de Minas.

Our hope is that every child will find something that resonates with them and that this weekend will be filled with fun, learning, adventure, and new friends!

To see what the kids got up to last year, check out our 2017 children’s program.

The 2 to 4 year-old crowd will be playing with their very own facilitator, Rebecca Bernard, who will be creating a program of fun activities to keep our youngest attendees busy and happy while parents are enjoying the conference.

Children under two years old are required to remain with their parents.

Activities are scheduled for the entire weekend so parents can enjoy the workshops and discussions while the children are engaged in their own fun programming. Breaks are timed together so parents can check in with their kids between sessions and there will be extra long lunches scheduled each day so families can do their own exploring over the lunch break.