This Family Sold Their Business to Travel The World!


This Family Sold Their Business to Travel The World!

Family Feature: The Vernons

We first met the Vernon family at the 2017 Family Adventure Summit. They already had the idea to reduce their possessions and live a life that was more simple and more in alignment with their ideals. At the summit, they had the opportunity to learn from families who also share a passion for minimizing stuff, eliminating debt, and placing more value on experiences rather than possessions.

When Mike and Ren first decided to simplify their lives and travel the world with their children, they thought they were alone. They thought they were forging a path untrodden. But once they arrived at the Family Adventure Summit, they soon realized that there was a network of traveling families who live lives of epic adventure. They had found their tribe!

What we remember most from the first time we chatted with Mike and Ren was that they exuded an amazing energy. They were on the cusp of making a life-changing decision and they were burning with questions and possibilities. It has been an absolute joy to watch them work through the process of turning their home into a vacation rental property to earn extra income, selling their business, and buying the plane tickets that would take them from their life in the US to their first destination, the beautiful island of Bali.

In this video, the Vernon family checks in with Family Adventure Summit from their villa in Bali to share the ups and downs, the hard work, and the sleepless nights involved in making such a huge lifestyle change…..and how it is all SO worth it!

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