Living a Life of Travel

The Tulok Family

Living a Life of Travel – The Tulok Family

We are the Tulok family. I am Elizabeth, my husband is Zoltan and our son is Ziggy. Since we have been together travel has been part of our life. I could not have found a more patient, loving, up for an adventure partner in life or on the road.

Together we backpacked, hitchhiked, couch surfed, woofed throughout Europe.

Originally from Hungary open for life’s twists and turns we have lived in England, eloped to get married to Canada than moved to the States where we ended up settling down and making a home, having our son.

Having a few reminders how short life can be and looking deeper at our longing for a change from the every-days that didn’t seem to follow our passions, we sold our home and set out on the road in an RV.

Our son’s genetic malabsorption issues prompted our choice of travel. It impacts his life in many ways, including extreme anxiety. Creating a constant, safe“ home” environment was our compromise as I personally felt very reluctant to leave not knowing how would it affect him.

Initially, we decided to give it a try for 3 months. During this time we have had some amazing experiences as well as some extremely trying days. During these trying days my husband has had asked me if we should turn around. As the good parts of the trip always outweighed the bad we decided to continue.  After our self-imposed deadline of 3 months was approaching we all knew we wanted to carry on exploring. Now we have been “fast” traveling over a year across the USA and Canada to the Arctic Circle in the Yukon to Alaska, down through the Pacific States into and around Mexico.

On our way back from Alaska we realized we could make the 2017 Family Adventure Summit with intense 3 full days of driving, which we could not commit to before, not knowing where our travels were taking us. We loved connecting with like-minded families. Amongst other things we learned that we might be as crazy as some people think we are doing this, but we are not alone.

As the FAS was our first time attending this type of gathering, we did not know what to expect. We were blown away by the attention to detail organization of the conference in British Colombia. Looking forward to seeing friends we have made last year and friends we have not yet met. Please don’t be shy come over and say hello!

You can see snippets of our past travels, follow our future adventures under thislifeislearning on Instagram.