18 Years of Homeschooling

The Rodriguez Family

18 Years of Homeschooling – The Rodriguez Family

My husband Chris and I have been married for 23 years and have 6 kids. Their ages are 21, 18, 17, 12, 10, and 7. I’ve been homeschooling for 18 years! My oldest begged me for Hooked On Phonics when she was 3 and we haven’t looked back!  She was always very motivated and a hard worker. When she was 19 she graduated from Harvard with honors. My 18 yo daughter has been marching to the beat of her own drum since she was born!  She is a very social person and homeschooling wasn’t her favorite! She didn’t learn to read until she was 10, but at 16 she got a cheerleading scholarship to a community college and got her associates degree at 18. She is the epitome of when they’re ready to learn, they will! Her timing was perfect for her.  Our 17yo son is a sophomore at the local community college and our three youngest are being homeschooled by me, and I truly love it!
I did a lot of unschooling, Montessori, and child-led learning while the kids were younger and a more focused curriculum when they were older or had a desire to do more. We school year round which gives us a lot of flexibility with our travels.
My husband and I are serial entrepreneurs. We own and have owned many different businesses. Our goal over the last few years has been to create several different income streams so that we are not dependent on one business to support us and the lifestyle we enjoy!
We aren’t traveling long-term at this point. But, we do travel quite a bit! 2018 started with skiing in Alaska, surfing in Hawaii, all things Disney in Florida, more Alaska and Hawaii, London, Ireland, Iceland, and a little more Alaska! Half of my children are adults or on the cusp of being an adult. They have jobs or college commitments, so it has changed our travel dynamics quite a bit. Not everyone can go on every trip. My husband keeps a pretty busy work schedule, too. Some trips are just the kids and I. I look at everyone’s schedule and try to fit trips in that work for the majority! We also take our moms with us as often as possible. So, sometimes we’re a party of 10! It can be a little crazy!
This is our first Worldschooling event and I’m super excited to connect with other like-minded families!!