The Three Greatest Myths about Long-Term Family Travel

Are these three myths stopping you and your family from traveling the world together?

The Three Greatest Myths about Long-Term Family Travel

Are these three myths stopping you and your family from traveling the world together?

1. Traveling with your family Is Expensive 

This is probably the biggest myth of them all. Never has there been a time in the last hundred years where traveling has become more accessible to more people in the world than it is today. It is downright cheap! It can be much cheaper than living in the USA!

  • Are you aware that there are $99 tickets from the US to Europe & Asia, or that you could buy a reliable car for around $500 in Britain that you can use to travel all throughout Europe?
  • Did you know that you can halve the cost of your current health insurance premiums and increase your medical benefits just by living outside of the US while gaining a $100,000 tax benefit?
  • Would it interest you to learn that there are many enriching long-term traveling family communities in places like Europe, Asia, Central & South America?
  • How would living in a well-appointed unit, with swimming pools, playgrounds, BBQs, with the Mediterranean Sea as your backyard, in places like Spain, for around $350 a month, suit your family?
  • Would more-than-halving the cost of your food and living expenses today be of interest?
  • Would you like to know how a family of four can live, travel and learn, from some of the most exotic and exciting places on the earth, for under $25,000 a year?

This is just the tip of the iceberg, as understanding how to combine this type of knowledge with consciously chosen lifestyle choices, could see your family living the life of your dreams.

2. We’ll start traveling when we save a big enough nest egg to travel on

Many families believe that they need tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank before they start out on their journey. Is this what is potentially stopping you from starting out? If you are thinking this way, you are already missing out on key travel experiences that you could be having with your family today. With places like Mexico & Panama just in your backyard, Spain, Transylvania & Hungary in Europe, Bali, Thailand, Vietnam in Asia, there have never been greater opportunities than there are today to explore, live cost-effectively, and learn together as a family.

Don’t have any money saved away now?

Do you own a house in the USA, or do you own an RV? Did you know that these assets could net you more than enough income to support your entire family’s monthly journey? Did you know that even a car rented out on Turo in a strategic location in the US can net you over $1000 worth of income a month? This is how one single mom we know funded her chosen lifestyle, living amongst other Long-Term Traveling families in Playa del Carmen, on Mexico’s Riviera.

And even if you don’t have these existing assets today, our academy will explore the deeper considerations of how you can leverage your existing lifestyle choices to travel and live in other countries much more economically than you potentially are in the USA today.

And at the end of the day if none of these options called out to you, were you aware of how valuable your own family story is?

This perhaps is potentially the greatest asset that you could have working for you and your family and the essence of perhaps the most distilled value we could share with you. For in getting to the very heart of answering the question of Why it is so important to you and your family to travel, you will find the very key to uncovering how you can best leverage existing technology, networks and communities, to turn this conscious lifestyle choice into the potential income sources that will support your dream life.

3. We cannot live in other countries

Did you know that you don’t need to have citizenship of other countries to live there long-term? Interested in understanding all the ins-and-outs of living longer-term in some of the most exotic and enticing locations on the planet? Don’t like the idea of living in a developing country? Well, countries in EU actually offer expats from the US the opportunity to live and gain residency, if you can demonstrate that you are capable of supporting and sustaining yourself and your family. They also have some of the highest and developed levels of health care, with some of the most modern facilities developed through the thriving world of health-tourism.

And if you thrive on adventure and love embracing the unknown, countries such as Ecuador are a great option. Ecuador uses the US dollar as its national currency, and they will even allow US citizens to live there as permanent residents. Here, the cost of living is much less than half of what it is in the US and Canada.

There are many havens of countries around the world as close as Mexico and Panama, or in Europe such as Spain, Hungary and Romania or in Asia, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia (Bali) where communities of slow-traveling families have established bases where they have lived and immersed themselves in the local communities, for as little as a month, or as long as many years. Here exists one of the greatest opportunities there has ever been for a family to live and learn from the world and have the community of their fellow travelers.

There are also many places recognizing the benefits of this new wave of mobile families are offering their economies. As such, these countries are developing legally recognized residency statuses and tax beneficial opportunities, that could legally save your family tens of thousands of dollars of income tax. Together, we will interactively explore how you can turn slow travel into precisely that transformative experience, that will forever change the way you and your family see yourselves and the world around you.

If you are interested in learning tips and tricks on family travel that will literally save you thousands of dollars, consider joining us at the Family Adventure Academy this August 16-18th in Seattle, Washington. This event is different from our main event, the Family Adventure Summit. The Academy is for parents only and is a three-day boot-camp for parents who are ready to take their families traveling!

These are just some of the quintessential topics that we will cover at the Family Adventure Academy. If you want to unearth all the hints, tips, hacks that are indispensable to traveling long-term with your family, while getting to the very heart of answering the underlying questions of Why travelling the world with your family long-term will be one of the most transformative experiences of your lives, make the choice to join us at our Family Adventure Academy.

This is a highly interactive and hands-on Academy, where we will leave no stone unturned. Our aim is to start with the very questions of Why it is you are so inspired to potentially travel long-term and to take this directional guidance to help you forge your family story, intended to guide your family on its path ahead. We will share with you all the knowledge and wisdom that we have accumulated over years of traveling with our family, so that you will have the tools necessary at your fingertips for you to thrive, before you even take a step out of your door. This Academy is constantly updated by our collectively shared knowledge, community wisdom and backed by the commercial expertise of Destinator Travel, warranted to cover the most essential travel knowledge you will absolutely need to know.


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