2019 Children's Program


2019 Children’s Program

Greetings from the Family Adventure Summit Children’s Program!

If your children aged 6-12 are attending the 2019 Family Adventure Summit in Bali, it is time to choose an Adventure Crew!!!

We are very excited to present to you an engaging and exciting program for the children in your family between the ages of 6-12 years. Below is an overview of what our program will look like this year. We hope that with our wide array of activities ranging from dabbling in Art, Theatre, and Music- to high energy Sports and Games (and thoughtful ones alike!)- to creative and cooperative exploration with Technology- there will be something that sparks the interest and enthusiasm of each child participating.

If you have a child who is between 2 and 5, or 13 years old or older, you do not need to fill out this form for them. We’ll be sending more information about the Little’s and Teen Programs at a future date.

Adventure Crews

The Children’s Program at Family Adventure Summit will be split into 2 parts: Full Group Activities and Adventure Crew Time. The Adventure Crew Time is an opportunity for the children to split into smaller, interest-based groups. These groups will meet each day for approximately 2 hours and be the same group of children each day- enabling the crew to work on multi-day projects. During the Full Group Activity time, participants will have an opportunity to play together as a whole group- and get to try out activities other than what they signed up for in Adventure Crew Time.

Participants of the Children’s Program (aged 6-12) are asked to sign up for the Adventure Crew of their choice prior to the Family Adventure Summit. There will be a limit to how many children can sign up for each crew, and spaces will be awarded first come first serve- so please make your choice promptly! You may also select a second choice of crew, just in case there is not space in the crew of your preference.

  • Artful: Bail is known as the Island of the Artist. Handicraft making has been passed down from generation to generation. The Balinese are known to paint, carve and weave. We will explore some of these styles of handicrafts. Sign your children up for four days of experiencing a flavor of this traditional art-making. Projects include: Balinese Textile Making, Animal Clay Modeling, Batik & Dyeing, Jewelry Making, Plaster Mask Making.
  • Theatrics: Actors! Singers! Dancers! Acrobats! Musicians! Performers of all kinds and all levels of experience- join us for a Theater Performance! Over the course of these 4 days participants will develop stage skills including storytelling, voice, music, movement and character creation. They will explore Balinese culture and stories, and work together to bring one of these stories to life in a Theatre Performance for all the participants at FAS to enjoy
  • Global Beats: Join this crew for some serious fun and games with World Music! We’ll enjoy jamming together and playing rhythm games with hand drums from the Bali Drum Factory. We’ll explore some new instruments, and learn to sing and dance to songs from around the world. We’ll have special guests share local music, tradition, and culture. Participants of this crew will also have the opportunity to showcase what they’ve learned at a final performance.
  • Sportathon: For those who like to move and keep active, Sportathon is where you’ll find the time to join in on big group sport games such as Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, California Kickball, Capture the Flag and more! We’ll also break it up with shorter, international field games such as Cat and Mouse, Catch the Dragon’s Tail, Sardines, etc… and learn some fun Indonesian games! Have a game of your own that you’d like to share with friends? Sportathon is the Crew for you!
  • Tech Heads: Ready to build cool stuff with friends? During Tech Heads we will engage in group projects such as building catapults, and creating stop motion videos with LEGO or clay. We’ll also be learning the basics of coding using a fun app, building and creating techy stuff, and learning about some of the pros and cons of technology! It’s required to bring your own device for the coding portion, such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. But if you don’t have one you can still join the crew as most of the projects don’t require your own specific device.

When you sign up for the Family Adventure Summit, you will receive an email with a link to select your child’s Adventure Crew!