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Annual Conference for Traveling Families
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Highlights from our 2019 event in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

Our 2019 event in Bali was a huge success! Around 75 families from across the globe gathered in a wonderful spirit of connection, celebration, and family. Friendships were formed and strengthened, new insights were gained, and individuals (especially children) were transformed through the opportunity to create something together with their peers, and to see and accept themselves for who they are. This video captures the energy of the event. We look forward to seeing you next year! Sign up below to be among the first to hear about the location and dates.

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Highlights from our 2018 Mexico event

Highlights from our 2017 event


What is the Family Adventure Summit?

The Family Adventure Summit is an in-person gathering of up to 400 inspiring people intent on living with purpose and adventure. It’s a super fun, high energy, and family-focused event to celebrate family connection, life learning, long-term travel, community, creative living, and enjoying life to the fullest. 

Come hear inspiring speakers, participate in hands-on workshops, join informal discussions, and make new friends, all in a beautiful location with fun games, cultural performances, and educational activities for all ages. Whether you’ve been traveling long-term with your family for years and want to meet your tribe, or you’re just considering doing something different, come meet other families who are traveling their own path.

The Family Adventure Summit also donates profits to organizations and projects that support the local communities where the event is held. 

The Family Travel Conference of a Lifetime!

Come join the world’s largest gathering of families from around the world intent on living with purpose and adventure as they travel the world together. Each year, we meet in an exciting new international location.
This is the place to meet friends who understand the benefits and challenges of long-term travel, location independence, remote income, alternative education, family relationships, community, and so much more.
Whether you’re looking for support and encouragement in your family’s journey, or you’re wanting a greater sense of community and friends to travel with, we hope you’ll come experience it with us at the Family Adventure Summit.

Come and Experience

  • An engaging and educational kids program including dozens of well-facilitated activities to choose from including art (including various cultural fine art options), technology (from Minecrafting to video editing and website design), sports, board games, a complete musical theater camp, and much more.
  • Inspiring keynotes, workshops, and roundtable discussions on topics like long-term travel, location independence, alternative education, relationships, community-building, and more.

  • An immersive teen program, with opportunities for leadership training and volunteering, along with career development and lots of fun activities, too.
  • Fun games and activities for the whole family.
  • You’ll leave inspired with new ideas, skills, and friends to make your travel adventure more fulfilling and meaningful.

Come learn about how to make the most of your travel adventure. We’re excited to see you there!


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Profits are Donated to Help Local Communities

The Family Adventure Summit donates profits to organizations and projects in the various local communities where the event is held.

Every dollar you spend with Family Adventure Summit goes toward creating an epic and inspiring event for you and your family, and all the families present, and also toward supporting the communities in which we visit.

In 2018 our chosen charity is Caminos de Agua, a local group that brings clean drinking water to communities in San Miguel de Allende that have none. The water that comes from the taps in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico is highly contaminated with fluoride and arsenic. Many communities have no choice but to drink that water and it is literally poisoning people!

We are teaming up with Caminos de Agua to provide two huge rainwater capture systems at a local school. These systems will provide enough clean drinking water for the entire school!

If you would like to help us to build even more rainwater capture systems around San Miguel, Caminos de Agua is ready to take your donations. Every dollar counts and your donation will be rewarded with the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve helped make a difference in the lives of the local people in the outskirts of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

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