10 Ways Worldschooling Ruined My Childhood

30 Oct 2018
11:45 - 12:35
Room 5

10 Ways Worldschooling Ruined My Childhood

I was raised on the road from the age of 11, and by 19, I’d set foot on all 6 inhabited continents. At fifteen, while backpacking around Southeast Asia with my family of six, I wrote a tongue-in-cheek article titled “10 Ways Worldschooling Ruined My Childhood.” It went viral. Now, I’m sharing my insight into what a worldschooled childhood truly looks like. Join me to create your own definition of worldschooling, face any fears you might have about alternative education, and learn how to help prepare your globally-educated students for adulthood! Together, we’ll tackle some of the biggest questions worldschoolers face, including:

– What is worldschooling, anyway?
– What about socialization?
– What about high school? Will my student be able to attend university?
– Will worldschooling adequately prepare my child for the future?

And more!

Come prepared with your own questions and let’s get started.