Beyond Worldschooling – Teens Only

01 Nov 2018
15:45 - 16:30
Room 5

Beyond Worldschooling – Teens Only

So you’ve been raised on the road. You’ve traveled for most of your life, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. Or does there?

Join me to talk about what comes after worldschooling and how to get started now! At just 15, I (accidentally) started my career. By 19, I was fully supporting myself with a self-started online business. Thanks to that jumpstart at 15, I can now continue to travel the world, work from my laptop, and spend more time having fun – less time hunting for a student job! What could you be doing now to build a passionate, adventurous future for yourself with just an hour or two a day? What inspires you? Are you ready to rock your world? Let’s hang out and get started.

Conversation topics:

– Getting inspired!
– How to find your passions
– Making the most of your time
– So you have an idea… how do you get started?
– Staying motivatedFind a buddy in our teen Facebook group during the event and let’s stay in touch!