Optional Education Academy: Everything You Need To Know About Worldshooling! (Almost)

03 Nov 2018
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Room 4

Optional Education Academy: Everything You Need To Know About Worldshooling! (Almost)

This is an optional all-day deep-dive Academy. Grab your tickets here!

Do you dream of traveling the world with your kids and making the world their classroom? Or, are you traveling now and struggling with the “school” part? Perhaps you’re just looking for some fresh ideas and perspectives on how to make this journey FUN for everyone and maximize the learning potential every day, traveling or not. You’re not alone! Education is one of the biggest concerns world traveling families have. We all want our kids to succeed wildly at whatever they do and to be able to launch into the world with the skills they need, not only to survive, but to overcome and thrive.
Whether you are just considering worldschooling, are in the messy middle, or are beginning to consider how to launch young people towards university, or adulthood, this session is for you.

  • We’ll explore the WHY of worldschooling and then move into the HOW.
  • We’ll examine what REALLY MATTERS in terms of what you should “teach” and how to know if your kid is “getting it.”
  • We’ll dive deep into methods and tools and explore options for kids with alternative learning styles and needs.
  • We’ll talk about multi-level teaching and how to juggle a four year old alongside one in high school and one just learning to read.
  • We’ll examine ways to maximize the learning wherever you are and how to leverage local communities for the educational benefit of your kids.
  • We’ll think through why we shouldn’t really care what the public schools are teaching and whether we are “keeping up.”
  • We’ll look specifically at high school and how to cover the bases for kids as they move towards higher education
  • We’ll plot the options for university entrance and show you how to get around standardized testing and leverage your child’s time OUT of the system as their greatest asset.

This is a LOT to pack into one day. We’re going to move fast and dive deep. A panel discussion will draw in a range of perspectives. You’ll have the opportunity to ask your hard questions and work in small groups to brainstorm solutions to your real-world problems. If you’re tired, burned out, struggling, or juggling, come to this session. If you’re curious, interested, exploring, or expanding your concept of education through worldschooling, come to this session. My goal is that we come away encouraged, motivated, and empowered, with new tools in our toolkit for making our children’s educations the greatest adventure of their lives.