When and Where?


When and Where?

Our excitement continues to build for the Family Adventure Summit! Thank you to everyone who’s been expressing interest and joining our community.

Today, we have some exciting news about the location and dates for the conference below!

But first, we have a new logo! There were many creative designs submitted for the contest, but the top pick in the polls and among our team was obvious, and we’re happy with the result.

We love the focus on family connection. And to us, the range of colors symbolizes the diversity of people, places, and experiences offered by this beautiful world we’re exploring together. Thank you to everyone who voted and shared your thoughts!


Alright, now onto location. If you filled out our initial survey – thank you again! You’ve played a big part in helping us shape this event into an incredible experience. Opinions varied widely on where the conference should be held. Let me talk about a few of the common differences we saw.

International or Domestic

In our survey, we gave the options of Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and San Diego. Of the three, Vegas won at 44% of the vote. But we received many other good suggestions and we’ve since contacted dozens of venues in multiple cities.

Many of you also expressed a preference for the conference to be held outside of the United States. Either you live outside the U.S. and it’s difficult or expensive to get in, or maybe the idea of a U.S.-based conference just doesn’t appeal to you (or was pending on the election). We get it. And as a travel-related conference, we do want to consider more international options.

We don’t want this just to be an “American” conference, or “just” for families who are already location-independent, or “just” for those thinking about it. We want to bring everyone together who is interested in this type of family adventure and create a supportive community around this aspiration. With demand for this type of conference debatably stronger in the U.S. than elsewhere, it seemed like the best place to hold it. But…

A City Hotel or Something Else?

In the end, after months research and negotiations, we’ve found it very difficult to find an affordable venue that matches our requirements in any U.S. city. Following the survey winner, we came very close to signing a contract with a decent non-smoking hotel in Las Vegas at the very top of our budget. But a few things made us think again.

The most important was that we realized we would be compromising what we wanted for this conference by choosing a venue mainly because it was cheap to fly to, when it didn’t meet our other requirements for the kind of experience we want to create at this event.


A Different Kind of Event

You see, we don’t want this to be one of those conferences where you sit inside all day long in meetings.

Of course, we do plan to have some very inspirational and educational time planned together, and much of that will be in the comfort of the indoors. But we also want space for fun outdoor activities in a beautiful natural setting. This is a family conference with kids, after all!

As you know, we’ll have a full, rich program of speakers, workshops, and discussions on various topics, as well as activities and games. But we’ll also have unstructured time for families to connect and get to know each other in their own way, and on their own time. And we want the space for this to feel inspiring and nurturing.

Having to hold all conversations inside of a hotel room or lobby doesn’t suit the environment that we’re after. Neither does a campground with dorm-like lodgings, uncomfortable beds with bring-your-own bedding, outdoor bathrooms, and no wifi, as fun as both of these environments can be sometimes.

So we’re going to do what inspires us, and what we hope will also inspire you. We want to be able to put our full hearts into this event, to make it an enriching and maybe even a life-changing experience. And the setting can make a big difference.



Introducing The Penticton Lakeside Resort

The venue we’re seriously considering is The Penticton Lakeside Resort in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada!

The Lakeside meets all of our requirements for the perfect place for the Family Adventure Summit. The resort has ample meeting space to accommodate our group, has a family-friendly feel, it is within budget, and there is amazing outdoor space within walking distance including beaches, parks, a playground, and a Japanese garden.

The resort is situated on the shores of Lake Okanagan, with its own private beach, as well as public beaches on either side of the resort. Penticton’s downtown core is an easy one minute stroll away where you will find cute shops, cozy cafes, and restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets.

Rooms and Rates

Each room at the Lakeside comes with either two queen beds or one king bed, a mini fridge, free wifi, a private balcony, and access to the gym, hot tub, and pool.

We’re still in negotiations with the resort, and haven’t signed anything yet, so none of this is official. And we won’t know the ticket prices until that’s settled. But we’re doing our best to make this conference affordable, and we’ll let you know as soon as we have firm numbers.

An added bonus for holding the summit in Canada is the very favorable exchange rate for American to Canadian Dollars. Currently, one USD is worth 1.33 CAD which makes Canada a more affordable destination for our American attendees!


About Penticton

Penticton, nestled between Lake Okanagan in the North and Skaha Lake in the South, is a city of just over 42,000 people. Known for its lakes, beaches, and wineries, Penticton is a world class destination that was voted as a Top 10 Travel Destination by Huffington Post.

In Salish, the language of the area’s original inhabitants, Penticton translates into “A Place to Stay Forever” and with its beautiful summer weather (highs around 27c / 80F in August), warm lakes, and gorgeous scenery it’s easy to see why.

The Okanagan Valley is situated on the most Northern tip of the Sonoran Desert. The hills around Penticton are filled with pine, sagebrush, and prickly-pear cactus. In stark contrast to the dry hills is the irrigated valley bottom filled with lakes, rivers, orchards, and vineyards. One of Penticton’s biggest draws is the wine industry, with over 60 wineries within a 20-minute drive of downtown Penticton.

If you choose to stay for more than the conference, there is plenty to do in and around Penticton. Spend the day at the beach, challenge yourself to some world class rock climbing (there are some family friendly climbs!), enjoy the Wibit Waterpark, float down the Penticton Channel, take a hike in the mountains, tour wineries, or just sit back and enjoy the views!

Getting There

Penticton is an easy road trip from much of Western Canada and the United States. And if you prefer to camp, there several RV parks just minutes from the resort.

Here are the driving times from nearby cities:
Vancouver: 4 hours
Spokane: 4.5 hours
Seattle: 5 hours
Portland: 8 hours
Boise: 9.5 hours
Salt Lake City: 14 hours

If you live further afield, you can fly straight into Penticton. Or drive from the International Airport in Kelowna (1 hour away) or Vancouver.

Connect With Us

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If you know other awesome families who would be interested in the Family Adventure Summit, please be sure to pass the word along to them, or forward this email. They can also opt-in to our mailing list on our website at FamilyAdventureSummit.com.

And if you have any thoughts or questions about the event, feel free to write us anytime at hello@familyadventuresummit.com.

Thank you and happy adventuring!
Brandon Pearce, and the FAS team