Packing Tips For Long-Term Family Travel


Packing Tips For Long Term Family Travel

We have asked our traveling family community to share with us their tips, tricks, and packing lists for family travel!


Jessie from Wandering Educators

“For me, the best things to pack are often forgotten items that make a difference to getting and being somewhere. But everyone in your family will be so glad you did: bug spray, sunscreen, motion sickness treatments, snacks.”

Here is a list of her best packing essentials, and what not to bring!

Amber from Global Munchkins

“My best tips are start early, pack less than you think you need, and roll everything.”

Here is a post Amber wrote about packing for Hawaii which has a great packing list for warm weather destinations.

Julie from Road Trips For Families

“When it comes down to it, you can find most everything you might need while on the road. When it comes to sick kids and staying in touch with friends and family back home, there are a few modern conveniences we like to have with us on international trips.”

Wondering what gadgets to bring on your international travel? Check out Julie’s reccomendations on her must-have gadgets.

Colleen from Travel Mamas

“Print a packing list! I print a list before every trip and check off items as they’re packed or I’ll forget something for sure.”

Colleen has taken the work out of preparing packing lists. Check out her free printable packing lists for every type of travel!

Kari from Active Kid’s Club

“What you pack depends on what kind of travelling you do and where you are going. I do more backpacking style so I’m always packing light. If you are going to cold countries even in the summer (Canada, Scandinavia, Iceland, Ireland ) make sure you are prepare clothing vice, layers, wind proof and rain gear and good shoes. In warmer countries, you can buy it there but make sure you have proper shoes.”

Kari shares her insights on how to dress properly for cold weather.

Eileen from FamiliesGo!

“If you pack solid colors and make sure everything coordinates you can have more outfits with fewer clothes. Lay everything you want to pack on your bed. Then Instead of asking, what might I possibly need, ask, what can I get away with not having? And put those things back.”

Check out Eileen’s best packing lists for family travel.

Victoria from Globetotting

“I’d be lost without the app, Packing Pro. It helps me remember everything, from taking out the rubbish before you leave and setting email autoresponders to all those little items such as socks, belts, swimming goggles, phone chargers that are easy to forget.”

Looking for more awesome travel apps? Here is a great list of travel apps to help you get started!

Sharon from Where’s Sharon

“Pack light! There’s so many benefits to travelling carry on only and it’s so much easier travelling with kids if you have minimal luggage. We managed 6 months in Europe and Asia travelling carry on only with a 3 and 5 year old. So can you!”

Here is Sharon’s carry-on only packing list for Europe!

Lindsay from Carpe Diem Our Way

“I have listed 15 of my favorite airplane activities for toddlers and preschoolers that we pack for my kids (who were two and four and are now almost three and five). These items are also great for car trips, train trips, bus trips and just about any other time you need to keep kids sitting (relatively) still and quiet!”

Brandon from Pearce On Earth

“After traveling together as a family for seven years and visiting over 32 countries, one of the most common questions we get asked is this: How do we pack for long-term world travel?  In this post we share our own packing tips from our world traveling family.”

Do you have a packing tip you would like to share? Please let us know in the comments!