Free Webinar with Spramani Elaun


Free Webinar with Spramani Elaun

Spramani Elaun is an American natural art teacher and author of several art education books for children. Spramani Elaun has nurtured visual art lessons for thousands of children. She is the founder of Nature of Art For Kids® Art School, an Earth-friendly non-toxic paint manufacturer, and founder of Colour Blocks™–the original square block recycled crayon company—and Art Kids Zone venues across the West Coast.

In this webinar, we talk about learning fun, simple ways to incorporate art while traveling!

How do you engage kids with arts and crafts while traveling, without needing two suitcases of supplies? Spramani Elaun, the arts coordinator for the Family Adventure Summit conference, reveals the answers!

We also reveal for the first time the arts and kids activities planned for the Summit. They are amazing! You may find yourself “helping out” just to take part. No worries, kids of all ages are welcome to participate.