Why You Should Go To A Family Travel Conference


Why You Should Go To A Family Travel Conference

Have you ever dreamed of traveling the world with your family?

The world we are living in is rapidly changing. Now, more than ever, it is possible to experience long-term family travel. The possibilities for making location independent income are numerous and there are thousands of families finding ways to incorporate long-term family travel into their lifestyle. But how do families prepare for taking the plunge? How do they finance their travels? What are the options for education on the road? How do families find and maintain community while traveling?

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That is where the Family Adventure Summit comes in.

The Family Adventure Summit was born from the desire to share the possibility of long-term family travel with those who want to travel the world with their children and to foster a greater sense of community for traveling families.

The summit is a place to inspire and be inspired. This family travel conference is bringing in a host of speakers who incorporate family travel into their lifestyle. In attendance will be families who are permanently nomadic, those who travel from a home base, those that have home bases in foreign countries, and those that take their homes with them wherever they go. Each family travels in their own way, some with backpacks, some with suitcases, some travel in their homes on wheels, some pedal their way across the globe on bicycles, and some adventurous families travel by boat!

All of our speakers are excited to share their knowledge with our conference attendees and share the secrets to successful family travel. We will be discussing location independence, different ways to fund a family travel lifestyle, how to find your own educational philosophy and educate your children while traveling, the ins, the outs, the ups and the downs, and everything in between.

Whether you have always wanted to show your children the world but have not known how to take the first step or if you are well into your family travel journey and are longing to be a part of a real-life traveling community, this conference is set to inspire.