Free Webinar With Jennifer Miller

From Edventure Project

Free Webinar With Jennifer Miller

Jennifer Miller – Family Traveler Extraordinaire

If you have been following the family travel community online, you may already be familiar with Jenn. She started traveling with her family of six before long-term family travel was a movement. They started traveling in 2008 and have raised four beautiful children on the road, two of whom are now embarking on adulthood.

They have ridden their bikes all over Europe, wintered in Tunisia, lived in Thailand, crisscrossed SE Asia, camped their way through Australia and New Zealand, and returned again and again to Guatemala which feels like “home” to them.

In this webinar, Jenn talks about the secrets to long term travel, the ups and downs of traveling with any age from toddlers to teens, traveling by every mode possible, and her excitement to create community at the Family Adventure Summit.

To find out more about Jennifer Miller, read her interview with Family Adventure Summit, follow her blog Edventure Project, find her writing at Medium, and learn about her passion project at Travel Access Project.