2018 Conference Program

Conference Schedule

The 2018 Family Adventure Summit runs from Oct 30-Nov 2, 2018 with optional Academies Oct 28, 29 and Nov 3, 4.

We will be running a full children’s program (ages 5-18), and a little’s program (aged 2-4) while the adults are attending their sessions. There will be something for everyone including project-based learning, full group games, and an open art room. And while we encourage the teens to participate in all of the activities, there will also be some special activities on offer exclusively for the teens.

Scroll down to see our growing list of workshops, discussions, panels, activities, and keynote speeches. Please note that this schedule is not final and is subject to change.

Here is our outline for the flow of the event:

October 28th – Travel Academy – Optional Conference Add-On.

Travel Academy: Creating, Sustaining, & Optimising Your Family Travel Experiences Led by George, Bobi, Lalika, and Réka Kaponay.

October 29th – Teen Academy and Relationship Academy – Optional Conference Add-On.

Teen Academy: Youth Leadership Awesomesauce! Led by Greg Denning.

Relationship Academy: Happily Ever After-ing – On the Road! How To Experience Family Relationship Bliss during Travel. Led by Jennifer Pearce and Brandon Pearce.

October 30th

Day One. There will be Keynote speeches and workshops in the morning followed by a long lunch. In the afternoon there will be plenty of intimate roundtable discussions.

October 31st

Day Two. Another morning of interesting keynote speeches and workshops. The afternoon will be spent going on full family excursions into the city of San Miguel de Allende and it’s outlying areas. There will be plenty of excursions on offer, some will be free and some will have a small charge. In the evening, we’ll get our groove on with a fun Halloween Dance & Costume Party.

November 1st

Day Three. Keynote speeches in the morning followed by a long lunch. In the afternoon we will have unconference sessions where the attendees get to choose the topics to be discussed.

November 2nd

Day Four. Today is a full family day! We’ll be preparing for Day of the Dead with face painting, flower crown making, enjoying traditional celebrations, and more!

November 3rd – Education Academy – Optional Conference Add-On.

Education Academy: Everything You Need To Know About Worldshooling! (Almost). Gain The Confidence To Educate Your Child With Proven Practical Tips and Strategies Led by Jenn Miller.

November 4th – Business Academy – Optional Conference Add-On.

Business Academy: How to make a good living helping others through a heart-based online business. Led by Brandon Pearce and Ka Sundance.


We hope to cover all aspects of long-term travel. Logistics, education, location independence, entrepreneurship, money, budgets, single-parent travelers, getting more out of travel, living your truth, dealing with naysayers, staying in contact with friends and family, intuition, and many more!

Check out our Speaker Page for the list of Keynote Speakers and Workshop leaders.

Daily Schedule

Day 1
28 Oct 2018
Day 2
29 Oct 2018
Day 3
30 Oct 2018
Day 4
31 Oct 2018
Day 5
01 Nov 2018
Day 6
02 Nov 2018
Day 7
03 Nov 2018
Day 8
04 Nov 2018

Optional Travel Academy: Creating, Sustaining, & Optimizing Your Family Travel Experiences

This is an optional Academy. You can get your tickets for this all-day deep-dive here! Join us for this full-day, highly interactive Travel Academy, where through Story, Collaborative Engagement, and Hands-On practical application, we will cover together the crucial topics every family wishing to travel long-term and thrive should consider, contemplate, and know… We will ask and endeavor to answer some of the crucial big questions of long-term family travel and in our time together, we will create your own family story and traveling plan that will include the answers to: • Why it is you are wanting to travel together? – Getting to the heart of the real-why and meaningful purpose of your journey • What kind of traveling experiences do you want to share together traveling as a family? – Creating Your Own Family Travel Story of Success • What is it you really need to enhance, optimise & make the most of your travel experiences? – Relieving our lives of excess baggage • Travel Planning – How you can live and travel on less than $25K a year – Sharing Travel Hacks & Creating Your Very Own Optimised Travel Plan This Academy is hands-on, intended and intentionally designed for every attendee to interactively take a part, in a way that will engage, challenge, inspire and activate your collective passions to forge your own integrated, collectively woven, shared family travel story. Prerequisites: This course is suitable for Adults and children 10 or above who will actively take part in the whole day’s activities. Everyone should bring their own laptop or tablet in order to interactively create their own travel plan.
The Kaponay Family
Kaponay Family

Optional Teen Academy: Youth Leadership Awesomesauce!

This is an optional all-day deep-dive Academy. Grab your tickets here! Teens! Spend a day with like-minded peers and mentors. Make new friends, be challenged and inspired, share your thoughts, dreams and goals, and make a plan for creating an awesome-sauce future! With mentor Greg Denning, you’ll learn how to make connections more deep and meaningful, discover the secret to lasting friendships, and learn the skills to becoming a social ninja. About Greg Denning Greg has worked with youth for 20 years, incorporating humor, fun, challenge and inspirational stories into his presentations and mentoring, to help youth become their best selves and achieve their big life dreams and goals. Every year, he leads 8-10 week-long, leadership expeditions for youth, both internationally and in the wilderness.  He is a dynamic and enthusiastic youth mentor and hero. You’ll be motivated, inspired and empowered to become better self and social leaders.  Find additional free resources at GregDenning.com, and check out upcoming youth adventure trips at WilliamsburgAdventures.org.
Greg Denning

Optional Relationship Academy: Happily Ever After-ing – On the Road!

This is an optional all-day deep-dive Academy. Grab your tickets here! Would you love to bond at ever deeper levels as a family in your travels? Come learn to cultivate an increasingly supportive & loving family connection along your journey! During this academy, you’ll become really clear about the skills we all need to develop as family travelers, to ensure our relationships together are thriving. You’ll Learn How To: Achieve a satisfying combination of quality & quantity time spent together, incorporating couple time, one-on-one parent child time, & whole family time –– including time for yourself! Blend together right-brain approaches (feeling based) & left-brain approaches (thinking based) into your family communication & decision-making process. Hold space for emotional meltdowns during travel, from adult or child family members, without melting down yourself. Incorporate an ideal mix of adventuring with adequate time for rest & integration, by creating an optimal family harmony of structure, routine, & planning in combination with desired amounts of flexibility & spontaneity. Work well together as a family traveling TEAM, through providing space for equal support, acknowledgement, & expression for everyone’s feelings & needs, while ensuring turn-taking, and inclusion of each family member’s dreams into the plans. Increase a focus of compassion & appreciation in your family relationships as you travel together.
Brandon Pearce
Jennifer Pearce
Jennifer Pearce


Come down to the hotel lobby to register your family! Although the registration table will be open again for one hour on the morning of October 30th, we encourage all families to register today to avoid long queues.

Optional Opening Social

This will be an optional dinner to kick off the event held outside in the beautiful gardens at Real de Minas Hotel! We’ll be gathering for a Mexican buffet and traditional Mexican entertainment. It will be an evening full of new friends, old travel buddies, and lots of laughs. The cost for this event is $17.95 per adult and $13.95 per child. We hope you will join us. Tickets must be prepurchased.  As we will need to get our numbers into the caterers early, tickets will not be available for purchase after SEPTEMBER 30th.  Grab your tickets here!


If you were unable to register on October 29th, come on down to the lobby between 8am and 8:45am to register your family!

Opening Announcements – Full Family

We’ll be starting our day at 9 am sharp! You won’t want to miss these announcements!
Brandon Pearce

Enjoying San Miguel’s Day of the Dead

The Family Adventures Summit has invited the bestselling author of San Miguel deAllende’s Secrets book series (including a Day of the Dead book) and our city’s top rated History and Culture walking tour guide to explain Day of the Dead. Day of the Dead is a unique mixture of the indigenous and Spanish roots to today’s holiday traditions welcoming back deceased loved ones. Day of the Dead is a grand celebration the loveliest and most culturally active time to be in San Miguel. To understand what goes on this time of year (the altars, tombs, flowers and flags) the Family Adventures Summit is hosting a wry and witty explanation led by Joseph Toone. The San Miguel de Allende Secrets series of books will be available for purchase including two new releases on touring and living here.
Joseph Toone

Welcome to San Miguel de Allende

A warm welcome from Guillermo Gonzalez Engelbrecht, the General Director of the San Miguel de Allende Tourism Board.


Hear some stories from our attendees and prepare to maximize your experience at the 2018 Family Adventure Summit!

Take Kids to Children’s/Little’s Programs

It’s time for the kids to have some fun of their own! Little’s (ages 2-4) will be brought to Rebecca in the Little’s Room (Room 6). Children ages 5-18 will meet Theresa on the lawn (Children’s Program Area)!

Create the Life You Want to Lead

This session is a chance for you to clarify what you truly want to create in your life and with your family. Learn the tools, mindset, and practices that have helped Brandon create his dream life, and the challenges he’s faced along the way. By the end, you’ll have greater clarity in purpose, new ideas, and stronger courage to face your challenges in this next important phase of your life journey.
Brandon Pearce

10 Ways Worldschooling Ruined My Childhood

I was raised on the road from the age of 11, and by 19, I’d set foot on all 6 inhabited continents. At fifteen, while backpacking around Southeast Asia with my family of six, I wrote a tongue-in-cheek article titled “10 Ways Worldschooling Ruined My Childhood.” It went viral. Now, I’m sharing my insight into what a worldschooled childhood truly looks like. Join me to create your own definition of worldschooling, face any fears you might have about alternative education, and learn how to help prepare your globally-educated students for adulthood! Together, we’ll tackle some of the biggest questions worldschoolers face, including: – What is worldschooling, anyway? – What about socialization? – What about high school? Will my student be able to attend university? – Will worldschooling adequately prepare my child for the future? And more! Come prepared with your own questions and let’s get started.
Hannah Miller

Tap Your Directional Superpower

Workshop: You have an actual Superpower that is with you every waking moment of your life. If you’re already using it, you’ll have sensed that I am referring to your Intuition. Intuition is a powerful tool we all have, an accurate compass for finding our direction, our True-North in life. Join us in playing a game, The Intuition Game. A game that will challenge you to ask the big questions in your life, where you will gain insightful and meaningful answers. In playing The Intuition Game, over the course of 90 minutes, we will practically demonstrate how you can tap into and utilize this vital superpower for every critical decision you have to make in your life. A fun, interactive and intuitive game, played in small intimate groups, The Intuition Game, will give you clarity of direction and a way to forge ahead with confidence in your decisions. 
The Kaponay Family
Kaponay Family

The Art of World Journaling

Tips for traveling with quality art supplies, and the different ways to record your journey. We will talk about the different ways to record your travels. Spramani will share inspirational journal examples and ideas. We will explore different art mediums that travel and compact well, we will discuss good art travel practices. We will also have an opportunity to create a journal page using San Miguel De Allende as inspiration. Materials are included, but are welcome to bring your own journal and supplies to this workshop.
Spramani Elaun

Pick Up Children

Time to get the kids!

Introductions to Roundtables and Announcements

There will be several roundtable discussions going on simultaneously. Attend the ones that interest you most!

Traveling as a Single Parent

Traveling is difficult, but traveling as a single parent can be even harder, and the difficulties aren’t always what one thinks. For example, who will hold your infant or watch your luggage while you cram yourself into a bathroom stall at the airport? Will you ever have sex again? Can true happiness be found on the road with children in tow? In this workshop, world traveler and single mother Zélie Pollon will lead a discussion of some of the biggest challenges (and benefits!) of single parent travel, as well as hacks and preparations that have helped her travel safely and happily with an infant, and now a young boy. Come share the challenges, strategies, and benefits of taking your children around the world without a partner. You will walk away from this workshop with empowering knowledge and the courage to face your fears of traveling as a single parent.
Zélie Pollon

Peaceful Parenting

Roundtable Discussion: Join us to learn more about the revolutionary parenting model that can be applied to ANY parenting situation (which means A LOT when you’re a world traveler). Wouldn’t it be great if your children ALWAYS did what you asked or disagreed in an appropriate manner? This parenting system called “Teaching Self-Government” frees families from emotional bondage by inspiring parents to create family environments centered around calm, self-governed and unified relationships; thereby empowering these families to be a great impact for good in the world.
David and Melissa Eggertsen

The Physics of Family Life

Roundtable: We’ll discuss together: •How the laws of physics effect family life and what to do about it. •How traveling and adventure amplify the effects of the second law of thermodynamics on our family life. •How the world all around us overcomes natural entropy through predictable patterns of design that lead to increased flow, growth and positive change. •How to set balanced rhythms of life (and work) while on adventure. •How to balance both play and purpose in our adventurous lives. •Entropy and the Arrow Of Time.
Andy Dragt

E-commerce Ed-venture

This round table is all about E-commerce! Join successful entrepreneur and Amazon expert Sabina King for a discussion on product-based businesses & marketing.
Sabina King

Diversity and Cross-Cultural Relations Beyond Race and Color

Diversity, as it’s used in the “West” specifically in North America, is often limited to skin color, gender or some other physical surface feature.   Yet even “White” North Americans, who travel to European cities, can quickly feel well outside of their boundaries once on the ground.  In the “East”, where people may have similar features and color, diversity can be based on religion, tribe, social cast region and more.  The idea of color as diversity quickly fades away when you zoom in beyond the surface.  In this roundtable, let us share our thoughts and experiences of diversity and leave with a greater perspective of the concept to appreciate the world through a wider lens.
Azizi Birkeland

Travel is a Way of Life & It’s Affordable for All

Roundtable Discussion: The last five years has launched an almost Tsunami size wave of long-term location independent travellers out into the world. With the lowest cost of oil in decades, unprecedented developments in how we are now able to work remotely, a swathe of services accessible through the internet and the emergence of low-cost budget airlines, travel as a long-term way of life, is now almost accessible to everyone on the planet. Join George and Lalika  Kaponay, in a roundtable discussion on how families can travel, greatly enjoying and learning from their experiences on a very small budget. We will share vital stories from our experiences of being a family of four, living, learning and traveling the world on less than $25,000 a year. We will discuss with you topics such as, the advantages of slow-travel, good planning, practicalities and travel hacks that you and your family could utilize on a daily basis to really reduce the cost and increase the enjoyment of the way you travel and live.
The Kaponay Family
Kaponay Family

The Power of Stories

Round Table Discussion: You are never too young or too old to live your story…your dreams. Join me on a journey to the inception of my understanding of the true power stories and how experiences of travel and human connection gave me the inspiration and courage to follow my passion to write and publish my own novel. From the dusty red clay roads of Australia’s deepest heart, with its rich indigenous culture, to the high Andes Mountains of Peru, with the living descendants of the Incas, I will share inspirational stories and the powers they wield for you to create your adventures and live your dreams, all through a fun and interactive presentation.
Réka Kaponay

Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap…My journey from sedentary suburban living, to facilitating indigenous inter-cultural immersive experiences on the paradise island of Vorovoro, Fiji. Join me as I share my story and journey over the last 9 years, which took me from living a suburban life in the US as a wife and mother to moving to Fiji and working directly with the Mali community on Vorovoro Island fostering a greater cross-cultural understanding, creating programs and opportunities of learning for people from all over the world and supporting the Fijian community’s sustainable development goals while retaining the integrity of the local heritage, culture and land. This presentation will provide you with an interactive opportunity to learn what I did and how I turned adversity into opportunity, growing closer to my children and experiencing the benefits and challenges of living a life in a tribal community on a tropical isle.
Jennifer Cahill

Creating Your Extraordinary Life—Logistics

The Secrets to Family Stability While Traveling   People usually ask, “How do you have a stable family if you’re constantly on the move?” How do you create ‘home’ on the road, develop family unity and maintain family sanity? Discover the real secrets to family stability and how to create and maintain it while traveling.
Rachel Denning

Sacred Gifts, Universal Support and Positive Change, the story behind Global Family Travels

Join Jennifer Spatz, Founder of Global Family Travels, for this engaging Round Table, as she personally takes you on her journey of learning and discovery into the world of immersive family travel. Inspired by her passions, learn how she used her sacred gifts and her philosophy of Learn, Serve and Immerse to give countless families the opportunity of using travel as a means to build cultural bridges, and to foster global citizens to make a positive difference in our world. This Roundtable will give you the opportunity to get interactive with Jennifer, who will share her own personal story with you, and allow you to pose all the burning questions that you might have about the potential pitfalls and opportunities that immersive family travel presents. Learn also how Jennifer is using her business and the momentum of travel to make a real and measurable difference in the communities Global Family Travels engages with.
Jennifer Spatz

Best Practices for Engaging/Marketing with Social Media

Roundtable Discussion. You’ll learn how to: Create a social media presence that draws your audience in Generate traffic with Ka’s ultimate tips and tricks Engage and grow your business with social media Make incredible videos that wow your audience Build a social presence that works! Bring your business to life online
Ka Sundance

Creating Home on the Road: The Magical Travel Balance

Roundtable Discussion: Do you often crave more energy and life balance in your travels or simply long for the comforts of home? We’ll be sharing how to create home on the road while also generating consistently amazing energy for the journey! In this discussion you’ll explore what the feeling of home means to you, in all areas of your life. You’ll discover how to create home in yourself, your relationships, your daily living, and your surrounding community and culture. You’ll also begin designing a travel pace and style in harmony with the feeling of home you’d like to establish. Determine to use your inner navigation system with precision, and experience more aliveness, connection, and joy than ever before. Come learn the art of adventuring from your heart!
Jennifer Pearce
Jennifer Pearce

Planning for Longterm Travel

Roundtable Discussion: From beginning to frame out your dream trip to what to pack, healthcare, education, food and family routines, buying gear, planning routes, and how to budget. Join Jenn Sutherland-Miller for a conversation about how to plan for the realities of longterm travel as a family. Bring your questions and your experience to share!
Jennifer Miller

Funding Your Travels through Real Estate Investing

Roundtable Discussion: Whether you’re interested in renting out your house while you travel, purchasing or subleasing international real estate for vacation rentals, or finding traditional cash-flowing properties in promising markets, this roundtable will be valuable for new and seasoned investors alike as we discuss the benefits, best practices, pitfalls, and challenges of real estate investing for long-term travelers.
Brandon Pearce

Switch Tables

Choose your next roundtable and get settled in for another fascinating discussion!

Tax Strategies for U.S. Expats and Investors Abroad

In his presentation, Vincenzo Villamena, CPA, covers the key tax topics that expats should know about. Starting with who needs to file US tax returns, he then explains tax breaks available to expats and how to qualify. He also discusses foreign asset reporting, tax implications for entrepreneurs and their companies, and how to catch up on back taxes. Lastly, for everyone who considers leaving US taxes behind, Vincenzo talks about citizenship renunciation.
Vincenzo Villamena

Scriptwriting Crash Course

Learn how to write an effective script. We’ll cover the qualities that all good scripts possess, how those qualities differ from prose writing, and how to avoid common pitfalls that prose writers encounter when writing for the screen. We’ll also discuss the basic tools in a screenwriter’s toolkit—pacing, formatting, terminology, and other useful tips and tricks. This workshop will be helpful for fiction writers interested in adapting their stories for the screen, as well as anyone wanting to create compelling travel videos, promotional clips, or documentaries. There will be at least one hands-on exercise, so please bring a laptop (preferably with word-counting capabilities). No prior writing experience is required.
Emma D’antoni

Age-Appropriate Risk Management

Travelling is a great way to develop resilience in childhood, both by what our children witness in other cultures, and by what we allow them to do. Ideas about what are ‘acceptable risks’ in childhood vary greatly around the world, ie: the majority of North American children no longer walk to school, while their Japanese counterparts take field trips by themselves. As world travellers, how do we support age-appropriate risk-taking for our children and teens? What can we learn from other cultures? What are our challenges in this regard? Join Carone as we share strategies to help make choices that are right for your family.
Carone Beaucage

Peaceful Parenting

Roundtable Discussion: Join us to learn more about the revolutionary parenting model that can be applied to ANY parenting situation (which means A LOT when you’re a world traveler). Wouldn’t it be great if your children ALWAYS did what you asked or disagreed in an appropriate manner? This parenting system called “Teaching Self-Government” frees families from emotional bondage by inspiring parents to create family environments centered around calm, self-governed and unified relationships; thereby empowering these families to be a great impact for good in the world.
David and Melissa Eggertsen


Diversity, as it’s used in the “West” specifically in North America, is often limited to skin color, gender or some other physical surface feature.   Yet even “White” North Americans, who travel to European cities, can quickly feel well outside of their boundaries once on the ground.  In the “East”, where people may have similar features and color, diversity can be based on religion, tribe, social cast region and more.  The idea of color as diversity quickly fades away when you zoom in beyond the surface.  In this roundtable, let us share our thoughts and experiences of diversity and leave with a greater perspective of the concept to appreciate the world through a wider lens.
Azizi Birkeland

A Teen Perspective on Growing Up Traveling

Roundtable Discussion: We left home when I was 4 years old. I only have memories of driving and driving. I remember thinking that it was the worst thing ever, the driving was so long!! But now I can only thank my mom and dad. Growing up as a nomad has pros and cons. I have experienced both as I have traveled the world. I’ve had the blessing of living in and traveling to 30 different countries. I HAVE MANY STORIES  of different experiences and life lessons I have learned along the way. I have noticed how much of a better relationship I have with my Parents and siblings. And because of my different lifestyle, it has given me a new look on life. I Can’t wait to share the stories, pros, and the cons, with you all.  
Kyah Denning

Running a Business on the Road – Real Life Strategies while Traveling (with Kids)

Working while traveling is what keeps us on the road, but it doesn’t come without its challenges. As parents of five kids, who have run multiple businesses while traveling the past five years, we’ve had to learn through a lot of trail and error. In this roundtable discussion, we’ll share what we’ve learned and talk about things like: the practical tools you’ll need, finding spaces that are conducive to getting work done, working when you’ve got young kids (and no childcare), creating a balanced schedule & protecting family time, managing a team from afar, and making it a sustainable long-term part of your travel routine. 
Ryan and Stephanie Langford

From SLC to San Miguel – Creating a Plan for Emergencies Abroad

This is the story of a family that for economic and personal reasons decided to leave the USA and start a completely new life in Mexico in 2012. Starting almost completely from scratch after the Global Economic Crisis, come hear the story of the Barsketis family, rising up from the ashes to forge a new life and create a new family business together that today employs 12 people in Mexico and the US that provides a vital service protecting traveling families abroad. This presentation will cover a variety of health topics, including how medical emergencies work in foreign countries, how government plans like Medicare affect you abroad, and breakdown of every type of plan your family can utilize abroad to help minimize your risk.
Justin and Aldis Barsketis

Tips for Transformational Family Travel

Getting social, making friends, avoiding burnout & drama, and getting a real education Greg & Rachel Denning have been traveling with their kids since they had four under the age for four. They now have seven children, four of which are tweens and teens. The needs of the family have changed as the kids grow older, with more emphasis on connecting with friends, learning adult skills and raising the level of education. Learn how to make your travel intentional and interesting to the whole family, how to avoid burnout, how to raise education standards and more.
Greg Denning

The Alchemy of Transforming Challenge to Connection in Your Family Relationships

Travel doesn’t actually create magical family bonding all on its own, but it does provide lots of raw material for us to work with. Let’s discuss how we can embrace challenges in our family relationships by celebrating them as special opportunities for deeper connection. Through practicing the vital principles of courage & compassion, we’ll further empower our relationships to be everything we know in our hearts is possible.
Jennifer Pearce
Jennifer Pearce

International Development and Climate Change

The roundtable will focus on two primary topics, community/international development and fighting against climate change. Through his experience, Daniel has learned a great deal about integrating into a community, learning about it, it’s people, and developing projects based on that. Furthermore, wrapping climate change into his work has been important work and he would like to share some tips regarding that to as many audiences as possible.
Daniel Farmer

How to use Experiences as the Basis of Childhood Education

Roundtable Discussion: Ever wondered how much curriculum you really need to use? Or how to step away from the educational checklists and instead immerse yourself and your children in experiences as the primary drivers of education? Come talk with Jenn Sutherland-Miller about how to customize your child’s education and use simple tools to quantify the learning. Bring your questions and your experience to share!
Jennifer Miller

Building an Ethical Online Business

Roundtable Discussion. You’ll learn how to:  Formulate a crystal clear vision for your future and create a step-by-step plan for how to create it. Create a heart-centered marketing strategy that builds your credibility and authority and drives thousands of potential customers to your website each and every month.  Turn your new fans, followers, and readers into clients and customers who believe in you, your products and services.  Research, plan, and create a best-selling digital product based on your gifts, tailored to your audience’s specific needs.  Sell your products and services in a heart-centred way that feels aligned and full of integrity.  Cultivate the kind of resilience you’ll need to take consistent, purposeful action, even on those days when you feel that nothing is working out and the universe is against you.
Ka Sundance

Pick Up Children

Time to pick up the kids!

Closing Announcements – Full Family

Return to the Ballroom with your family for some important announcements.

Picnic In The Park!

Join us for a picnic at Parque Jaurez! The park is within walking distance of the conference center (about 10-15 minutes). We will be arranging to have local food trucks join us at the park so you can purchase a yummy street food dinner. Alternately, pack your picnic dinner from the organic market, the grocery store, or grab a pizza from Dominos along the way. The park has plenty of intimate seating areas, a playground, and some lovely paths through the greenery.

Breathe and Stretch

Breath is life force.  Stretch is growth.  When we use the combination of both the results are powerful.  Join me as we engage in deep breathing exercises in conjunction with stretching. Using the breath with stretch we fully penetrate our body mind and soul with O2 vitality the perfect “food for thought”.  We will begin our day fully energized ready willing and able to absorb a rewarding day of workshops fully present.
Azizi Birkeland

Take Kids to Children’s/Little’s Program

It’s time for the kids to have some fun of their own! Little’s (ages 2-4) will be brought to Rebecca in the Little’s Room. Children ages 5-18 will meet Theresa on the lawn!

The Art of Family Togetherness: Creating an Evolving Masterpiece

Ready, Set, Connect! The Art of Family Togetherness: Creating an Evolving Masterpiece Deeply fulfilling connections & fun with our loved ones are at the heart and soul of what makes life so incredibly worth living. As we know, those things don’t always come easy! In this session, we’ll be learning together how to make the very most of our family adventuring — relationship-wise! We’ll be looking at ways to enhance the love, understanding, team work, & appreciation we’d all like to be experiencing even more of in our family journeys.
Jennifer Pearce
Jennifer Pearce

Understanding Privilege

“The ancestor of every action is a thought” ~ Emerson It can be said that humans look for excuses and not reasons for their actions. Therefore a great deal of our reasoning is acted out to justify and do the work of our self-indulgent feelings or to find evidence imposed by our emotions, personal views, sympathies, and biases. As travelers, adopting viewpoints such a “white privilege” and “western privilege” can easily lead to a “savior” complex. This is blinding and prevents pure and enriching experiences that could otherwise lead to deeper understandings of each other for mutually beneficial relationships. I will examine origins of how opinions are taken as truth without reason and how it lies in misunderstanding the primary laws of thoughts. The result then, is acting from biases and instead further away from truth and compassion. Allow me to present another perspective that could result in you feeling empowered with the privilege of seeing with a widened scope of knowledge over that of mere strong opinions. With practice, we \can become experts in examining our thoughts transforming them into truly positive actions along our journey in life.
Azizi Birkeland

Teen Panel Discussion

This session will be a panel of teens sharing their own unique perspectives, thoughts, and feelings about their experience of travel as a lifestyle! They’ll be talking about things such as:  Challenges & opportunities of travel  Travel as a catalyst for learning & growth What home means to them What they’re most excited about right now Things they’re currently struggling with or have overcome in their travels What they envision for their future How they connect to community, friends, and family in their travels, and what they value in their relationships.  Most memorable cultural celebrations or festivals they’ve experienced  Favorite places visited  Most savored foods from around the world Safety during travel, including any times they’ve needed to seek medical attention and what those experiences were like.  What a typical day in their life looks like, any routines they enjoy, and how they like to spend the majority of their time.  We’ll also address any other questions that our audience would like to ask. You’ll come away from this session feeling awed, inspired, and uplifted by what our remarkable traveling teens have to share with all of us!

Creating Personal Growth Through Travel

Have you ever thought about why you love traveling? There’s a part of our brain who craves travel. Sounds weird? In this workshop, we will talk about traveling experiences, how our brains process them, and how we can use our travels to instigate personal growth.
Renatha Vernon

Pick Up Children

Time to get the kids!

Announcements – Full Family

We’ll explain the afternoon full-family activities and options.

Full Family Activities Around San Miguel

Experiencing travel is what it is all about! Here is your opportunity to do something fun with other traveling families. We’ll have many different excursions to chose from. Your family will be able to sign up for the excursion of their choice and you’ll get to know some families…family travel style! We’ll have a wide arrange of options, some will be free, some will have varying costs.

Halloween Dance Party

We hope you remembered to pack your costumes! Get ready to dance, dance, dance! The dance party will be held in the Ballroom at Real de Minas.

Transactional vs. Transformational Family Travel

Wondering how to make your family travel experiences more meaningful? In this presentation, Greg Denning will explain some of the principles and practices he and his wife have used over the past ten years, traveling with their seven children to over 34 countries on five continents. Using these ‘secrets’, you’ll be able to overcome family travel obstacles, find more joy in the journey, and use travel as a tool for personal and family development.
Greg Denning

The Multi-Generational Legacy of Longterm Travel

Of course you think about the effect long-term travel is going to have on your kids, but have you considered how it will affect your grandchildren, or your great grandchildren? Or your parents? You should! Join Jenn as she takes you on the journey through her childhood, parenthood, and into the adventurous space where grandparents travel as a legacy and a gift to their grandchildren. Explore how travel can build bridges between generations and expand joy and connection in the journey. Your decision to travel long-term with your children can sow seeds that will reap benefits in your family for generations. Discover how one family has built a legacy across six continents and how you can too.
Jennifer Miller

Pick Up Children

Grab the kids and come back to the ballroom for some exciting announcements!

Unconference Sessions

This part of the day will be dedicated to answering your questions and discussing topics that you are interested in! Attendees will be invited to suggest their own topics and we will break into small groups to discuss what interests you most. Come armed with questions and a sharing attitude and we will have an intimate knowledge exchange.

Beyond Worldschooling – Teens Only

So you’ve been raised on the road. You’ve traveled for most of your life, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. Or does there? Join me to talk about what comes after worldschooling and how to get started now! At just 15, I (accidentally) started my career. By 19, I was fully supporting myself with a self-started online business. Thanks to that jumpstart at 15, I can now continue to travel the world, work from my laptop, and spend more time having fun – less time hunting for a student job! What could you be doing now to build a passionate, adventurous future for yourself with just an hour or two a day? What inspires you? Are you ready to rock your world? Let’s hang out and get started. Conversation topics: – Getting inspired! – How to find your passions – Making the most of your time – So you have an idea… how do you get started? – Staying motivatedFind a buddy in our teen Facebook group during the event and let’s stay in touch!
Hannah Miller

Announcements – Full Family

Return to the ballroom for full-family announcements!


Breath is life force.  Stretch is growth.  When we use the combination of both the results are powerful.  Join me as we engage in deep breathing exercises in conjunction with stretching. Using the breath with stretch we fully penetrate our body mind and soul with O2 vitality the perfect “food for thought”.  We will begin our day fully energized ready willing and able to absorb a rewarding day of workshops fully present.
Azizi Birkeland

Fun, Fun, Fun Activities – Full Family

We’ll be spending the morning doing some super fun activities together. There will be flower crown making and face painting for Day of the Dead, as well as games and activities for the whole family.

Drama Production

The drama team from the kids’ program will be performing the production they have been working on all week. Be sure to attend, even if your kids aren’t in it. We’ll be heading straight into our closing ceremonies after the play!

Closing Ceremony

While there will still be plenty to do together as we explore the day of the dead festivities, this will be the last time we gather as a full group.

Optional Education Academy: Everything You Need To Know About Worldshooling! (Almost)

This is an optional all-day deep-dive Academy. Grab your tickets here! Do you dream of traveling the world with your kids and making the world their classroom? Or, are you traveling now and struggling with the “school” part? Perhaps you’re just looking for some fresh ideas and perspectives on how to make this journey FUN for everyone and maximize the learning potential every day, traveling or not. You’re not alone! Education is one of the biggest concerns world traveling families have. We all want our kids to succeed wildly at whatever they do and to be able to launch into the world with the skills they need, not only to survive, but to overcome and thrive. Whether you are just considering worldschooling, are in the messy middle, or are beginning to consider how to launch young people towards university, or adulthood, this session is for you. We’ll explore the WHY of worldschooling and then move into the HOW. We’ll examine what REALLY MATTERS in terms of what you should “teach” and how to know if your kid is “getting it.” We’ll dive deep into methods and tools and explore options for kids with alternative learning styles and needs. We’ll talk about multi-level teaching and how to juggle a four year old alongside one in high school and one just learning to read. We’ll examine ways to maximize the learning wherever you are and how to leverage local communities for the educational benefit of your kids. We’ll think through why we shouldn’t really care what the public schools are teaching and whether we are “keeping up.” We’ll look specifically at high school and how to cover the bases for kids as they move towards higher education We’ll plot the options for university entrance and show you how to get around standardized testing and leverage your child’s time OUT of the system as their greatest asset. This is a LOT to pack into one day. We’re going to move fast and dive deep. A panel discussion will draw in a range of perspectives. You’ll have the opportunity to ask your hard questions and work in small groups to brainstorm solutions to your real-world problems. If you’re tired, burned out, struggling, or juggling, come to this session. If you’re curious, interested, exploring, or expanding your concept of education through worldschooling, come to this session. My goal is that we come away encouraged, motivated, and empowered, with new tools in our toolkit for making our children’s educations the greatest adventure of their lives.
Jennifer Miller

Optional Business Academy: How to make a good living helping others through a heart-based online business

This is an optional all-day deep-dive Academy. Grab your tickets here! Have you ever wanted to turn your passion to help others into a full-time living that gives you freedom and meaning? How would you like to have more control over the time you spend working in a week, and where you work from? How would it feel to spend your work time on projects you’re passionate about and that are contributing something valuable to the world, where you can help thousands of people with one mouse-click? In this all-day hands-on workshop, come learn from successful location-independent business owners Brandon Pearce and Ka Sundance as they share how they’ve earned their millions through creating ethical online businesses, and how you can do the same. During the training, you’ll: Achieve the clarity, knowledge, and confidence to know what you want to create, and what steps will get you there. Learn how to analyze business opportunities and identify which one(s) are right for you. Change your money / abundance mindset to finally see what you are really worth. Gain new skills in branding, marketing, and social media to help you clarify your message and get it out to the right people effectively. Begin developing the characteristics and vision you need to make your business successful over the long-term. Leave with a new set of friends and mentors to help support you in your entrepreneurial journey. Whether you’re starting your first business, or working to improve or grow an existing one, this academy will help you take your business and life to a new level of success and contribution.
Ka Sundance
Brandon Pearce

While parents are in conference, the children will be enjoying their own learning opportunities! Check out our fun and exciting children’s activities!