New Family Adventure Summit Academies!


New Family Adventure Summit Academies!

We are so excited to be announcing a new element of the Family Adventure Summit that we believe will truly serve the community in a powerful way. In fact, the main reason we’re doing this is because our 2017 attendees asked for it!

You see, in reviewing attendee feedback after the 2017 conference, one of the requests we heard over and over was the desire for deeper training on certain topics – more than could be covered in a short 1-2 hour session.

We took this request to heart and have spent months working on ways we could balance the varied levels of world travel experience of our attendees, with the time we have allocated in a conference setting, with the time it would take to provide a deep and enriching learning experience on the topics attendees wanted more of.

That was when the idea for optional pre and post-conference deep dives was born.

At this year’s conference in San Miguel de Allende, we are trying something completely new. We are calling it the Family Adventure Summit Academy.

What Is the Family Adventure Summit Academy?

The optional Academies will be all-day deep dives, facilitated by seasoned travelers who were chosen because of their knowledge, experience, and ability to inspire. They will be held outside of the conference schedule either pre or post-conference.

These Academies are for those looking to deepen their understanding of their chosen topic. These are ALL DAY deep dives with limited participants. Because not every attendee will be interested in the topics of these academies, we have made these optional parts of the conference, hence the academies are not included in the price of the summit.

Because these workshops are all day events, they are going to be going into a lot more detail than would be possible in a 60 or 90-minute conference workshop. If you are interested in any of these topics, we encourage you to sign up now to guarantee your space. As we already have over 270 people registered for the event, we expect these Academies to sell out quickly!

Unlike the main Family Adventure Summit event, where we have an epic kids program with well-facilitated and educational activities for all ages, these academies are for adults only (except for the Teen Academy and Travel Academy) and will not include childcare. We encourage you to make arrangements with a spouse, other visiting families, or a babysitter to take care of your children so you can focus 100% on this learning opportunity. However, we welcome you to bring infants in arms as needed.

Here is our stellar Academy line up:

October 28th: Travel Academy: Creating, Sustaining, & Optimising Your Family Travel Experiences

with the Kaponay Family

Join us for this full-day, highly interactive Travel Academy, where through StoryCollaborative Engagement, and Hands-On practical application, we will cover together the crucial topics every family wishing to travel long-term and thrive should consider, contemplate, and know…


October 29th: Happily Ever After-ing – On the Road!

with Jennifer and Brandon Pearce

Would you love to bond at ever deeper levels as a family in your travels? Come learn to cultivate an increasingly supportive & loving family connection along your journey! During this academy, you’ll become really clear about the skills we all need to develop as family travelers, to ensure our relationships together are thriving.

October 29th: Teen Leadership

with Greg Denning

Teens! Spend a day with like-minded peers and mentors. Make new friends, be challenged and inspired, share your thoughts, dreams and goals, and make a plan for creating an awesome-sauce future! With mentor Greg Denning, you’ll learn how to make connections more deep and meaningful, discover the secret to lasting friendships, and learn the skills to becoming a social ninja.

November 3rd: Everything You Need To Know About Worldshooling! (Almost)

with Jennifer Miller

Do you dream of traveling the world with your kids and making the world their classroom? Or, are you traveling now and struggling with the “school” part? Perhaps you’re just looking for some fresh ideas and perspectives on how to make this journey FUN for everyone and maximize the learning potential every day, traveling or not. You’re not alone! Education is one of the biggest concerns world traveling families have. We all want our kids to succeed wildly at whatever they do and to be able to launch into the world with the skills they need, not only to survive, but to overcome and thrive.

Whether you are just considering worldschooling, are in the messy middle, or are beginning to consider how to launch young people towards university, or adulthood, this session is for you.


November 4th: Business Academy: How to make a good living helping others through a heart-based online business.

with Ka Sundance and Brandon Pearce

Have you ever wanted to turn your passion to help others into a living that gives you freedom and meaning? Have you also been thinking about using the Internet to build that business? How would you like to have more control over the time you spend working in a week? How would it feel to spend your work time on projects you’re passionate about and that are contributing something valuable to the world, where you can help thousands of people with one mouse-click?

In this all-day hands-on workshop, come learn from successful location-independent business owners Brandon Pearce and Ka Sundance as they share how they’ve earned their millions through creating ethical online businesses, and how you can do the same.

Find out more and reserve your spot today!