The Family Travel Conference You Don't Want To Miss


The Family Travel Conference You Don’t Want To Miss

Twelve years ago when we were planning our one-year cycle trip through Europe and North Africa with our kids, we felt like we were all alone. The virtual community of family travelers didn’t exist yet. Blogs were in their infancy. And we didn’t know anyone who was doing what we were planning to. What a joy it was to discover other like-minded travelers as our one year turned into a decade. With the expansion of the internet, we encountered even more families online, who we then connected with in person, and the result is this event, among other things!

So often during those early years, I expressed my wish that there was a conference to attend, or a group to join where I could pick other travelers’ brains, learn from those who had gone before, share our struggles and triumphs, and build a network of people who “got it.”

When the opportunity presented itself to be part of the team that created that community event, I jumped at it, as a gift to my former self. I go to Family Adventure Summit to serve, and to give back to the community and those who are just starting out, but what I take away personally in connections, new relationships, and encouragement is as rich as anything I can give.

For me, Family Adventure Summit is a family reunion of the sweetest sort. It’s the once a year meet up with our chosen family, the people we’ve encountered over the past decade of travel who have laughed with us on beaches, driven across continents with us, sown into the lives and educations of our children, built businesses and projects with us, celebrated triumphs with us and held us up through the truly hard things. The people who come here are some of the trailblazers and warriors, they’re outside the box thinkers, dedicated parents, passionate adventurers, and my dearest friends. I come to Family Adventure Summit because these are my people and this is my tribe. The only thing that could make it better was if you would join us.