Teen Leadership Awesome-sauce!


Teen Leadership Awesome-sauce!

Watch this inspiring interview with teen leader and mentor Greg Denning! He’ll be running our Teen academy, providing an awesome experience of leadership, connection, inspiration, social skills, and fun for teens the day before the summit.

Led by Greg Denning

Monday, Oct 29, 9:30am-4:30pm

Teens! Spend a day with like-minded peers and mentors. Make new friends, be challenged and inspired, share your thoughts, dreams and goals, and make a plan for creating an awesome-sauce future! With mentor Greg Denning, you’ll learn how to make connections more deep and meaningful, discover the secret to lasting friendships, and learn the skills to becoming a social ninja.

About Greg Denning

Greg has worked with youth for 20 years, incorporating humor, fun, challenge and inspirational stories into his presentations and mentoring, to help youth become their best selves and achieve their big life dreams and goals. Every year, he leads 8-10 week-long, leadership expeditions for youth, both internationally and in the wilderness.  He is a dynamic and enthusiastic youth mentor and hero. You’ll be motivated, inspired and empowered to become better self and social leaders.  Find additional free resources at GregDenning.com, and check out upcoming youth adventure trips at WilliamsburgAdventures.org.