An Adventure of a Lifetime

The Ross Family

An Adventure of a Lifetime – The Ross Family

Featured Family: The Ross Family

We are the Ross family: Nancy, Ian, Qoy (13yrs) and Isla (10yrs).  Our son Qoy was born on the West Coast of Canada in Vancouver, Isla was born on the East Coast in Halifax, and we are now living in our nation’s capital, Ottawa.  We’ve been here for 2 years, having arrived just after finishing an adventure of a lifetime – spending 6 months in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Ometepe, Nicaragua 2016

Ian and I have always shared a love for traveling and until just a few years ago we thought that having children meant we needed to settle down and live a very ‘traditional’ lifestyle until they were grown up.  Luckily for us, the internet introduced us to other families who were living lives that really spoke to us, working online, traveling slowly, and showing their kids the amazing world out there.  My a-ha moment happened: the life we are living now, although quite normal and pleasant by most people’s standards, is not our only choice!
Less than a year later we quit our jobs, sold our house, put our belongings in storage and we were off to Costa Rica!  The kids were happy to miss school that year, grades 3 and 6.  Although worldschooling would be my first choice, we opted to homeschool on the road because we knew they would be going back into the school system when we returned.  We easily finished the curriculum months before the school year ended.  ?
We blogged about our adventures at and quickly realized we didn’t want the adventure to end.  We’ve kept the website alive by expanding it to include inspirational posts, interviews and smaller travels. Going4Ward now even has a line of inspirational art available online at our Redbubble Shop.  Although now settled nicely in Ottawa, I have one foot out the door at all times, ready to jump on the next adventure.
And that leads us to YOU: the organizers and fellow participants of the Family Adventure Summit.  We can’t wait to meet you all in Mexico this year!!  Some of the traveling families we refer to above will be speakers at the FAS and we can’t wait to finally meet everyone in person.  One of our biggest hopes is that we will take away a little inspiration, if not a little nudge, to get us moving toward an online business.
Thank you so much for putting this on and getting everyone together in person!
You can follow us on our brand new Instagram.  And don’t forget to check out our Redbubble shop.  We have a category called ‘Take the Adventure’ that might appeal my fellow travellers.