Living in an RV in Mexico

The Kortman Family

Living in an RV in Mexico – The Kortman Family

Featured Family: The Kortmans

I (Paul) with my wife Becky and our 4 kids ages 6-12 have been on the road for over 4 years. Our first year we spent flying around the world staying in airbnbs and locally sourced apartments. We returned to the US for a few months to rebuild our digital marketing business after our source of new clients dried up.  We then bought an RV with a plan to drive it to Ecuador. 3 months into the Baja of Mexico we realized we loved the Mexican culture and slowed our trip down significantly. It’s been 2 and a half years that we’ve been in Mexico visiting from Mexico to Canada, Guatemala, and the US. We’re now residents and have been establishing a home base in the countryside outside of San Miguel de Allende (site of this year’s FAS!! — how handy for us!)

We’ve taken the last year setting up our family to realize some other life-long dreams, and part of that was owning horses. Not exactly the most compatible asset for a traveling lifestyle, but we’ve made it work recently completing our third move with the horses. Everything we have can fit in a couple of trailer loads (including the 4 horses) and our motorhome. So it’s actually really quite easy for us to move still.

We’re saving up to be able to visit India, the Maldives and Sri Lanka in the beginning of 2019. Have any tips? Let us know!

When we first started out this adventure there was not a whole lot of acknowledgment that families could travel so we started up a podcast at and now are happy that the Family Adventure Summit exists to also support traveling families.

Last year only I was able to attend the summit due to finances and business slowdown, however I was blessed to be connected to many people along the journey and to make new friends. By far and away I, Becky and the kids are looking forward to seeing and re-connecting with the many friends we’ve have made over the course of the past 4 years as well as make new acquaintances and friends. Seriously, our friends and family “back home” don’t understand our lifestyle so we look forward to connecting with those who do!

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