Traveling the World While Running an Online Business

The King Family

Traveling the World While Running an Online Business – The King Family

Featured Family – The Kings

The King family has been traveling the world as a lifestyle for the past 9 years in varied fashion. We’ve had a home base in Costa Rica, Belize, Bali, Canada and now the US – we use these home bases as a means of popping in and out of. It helps create a balance in life and travels. Constant travel can be exhausting, so we’ve tempered it with coming back ‘home’ for a few months before leaving for a few months again. We like this way of travel because we can have the best of both worlds – the new experiences and sights in travel, but also the consistent and already known world of ‘home’. I call it a ‘rebalancing of the nervous system’ 

I don’t count countries, but we have many amazing experiences from caravaning with other families in New Zealand, experiencing the YeePeng festival in Thailand, swapping homes for a few months in Australia,  exploring the depths of South Korea with Korean friends and visiting extended family in Europe.

Our most memorable experiences are shared with other families – and it’s been the throttle that has paved the way for our future plans. 

This past year was spent in the US and Canada, where our daughter attended a Waldorf School and our son attended a Wilderness Survival School 3 days/week.

This summer we are exploring a new way of travel. Making the most out of the great resources the US and Canada have for this type of travel, we will be RV camping all summer! We just purchased our little ‘tiny home’ trailer and are thrilled to be exploring part of Canada and the Pacific Northwest of the US – while meeting up with families from all over.

Keith and I run 4 businesses, 3 e-commerce based and a property rental business. We love creating products people love!  And we love having homes all over the world that we love – which in turn pay for themselves when we are not there.

Some may think our lifestyle is complex – multiple homes & multiple businesses to manage – but we have a penchant thirst for living easily, spontaneously and richly in the moment!

It’s a King’s Life!

Last year, we had just returned from Bali and went straight to the FAS in Penticton, Canada. The entire event felt like a reunion with new people. Yes, that makes sense!

Here’s the thing about family travelers: we connect quickly and deeply! Why? Our lives are based on living in the moment, for the moment and exploring our own potential in various ways. Those characteristics are magnets for fun and experiences!

As veterans of family travel as a lifestyle, we are looking forward to sharing our experiences in travel and business, as well as learning from others. It’s one of the best parts of being together with such a group. The other part is the smiles and laughter you share.

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