You Don't Need to Be Rich to Travel

The Graf Family

You Don’t Need to Be Rich to Travel – The Graf Family

Featured Family – The Graf Family

What I am looking forward to the most about the Summit is connecting with other families who travel and are non-traditional. I am also hoping to inspire my husband by showing him we don’t need to be “rich” to travel and learn how other families make it work.
We are a family of 4, Anne (mom), Edric (dad), Eli (9), and Ella (7). We live in a small mountain town, Salida, Colorado.  We own a 17-room ‘mom & pop’ motel that was built in 1948. We unschool our kids and one day hope to worldschool them. Our recent travels have mostly been in our RV around the southwest. We will be spending the month of November in Mexico. We are coming to the Summit for inspiration, and to meet like-minded folks.