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The Birkland Family

Traveling in Love, The Birkeland Family

Featured Family: The Birkelands

Greetings!  We are the Birkelands!  Ole (husband and pappa), Azizi (wife and mom), Kaja (daughter and sister) and Kamilla (daughter and sister).  We are a multicultural family.  Ole is born and raised in Osterøy, Norway and Azizi is born and raised in Brooklyn NY, USA.

Travel has been a natural part of our world together.  Throughout our 15-year relationship, we have traveled to dozens of countries and cities around the world.  We married 10 years ago in Barbados with a guest list of 60 friends and families from over a dozen countries. We’ve lived together in New York City and London, England, where we had our first daughter Kaja.   We gave birth to our second daughter Kamilla two months after returning to USA in Montclair, New Jersey in 2011.  Late fall 2017 we sold our home in Montclair, to become location independent.  We ended the year in Europe visiting family in Norway and traveling to a few eastern European countries.  In January of this year, we landed in South East Asia.  So far we have lived a few months in Thailand, and visited friends in Singapore and Malaysia.

We are now living in Bali, for at least 5 months, before heading to Mexico en route to Family Adventure Summit  We attended the first Family Adventure Summit last year.  We absolutely loved the empowering atmosphere of families enthusiastic about living life on their own terms, around the world.  We are looking forward to gaining new experiences and building upon previous ones at the upcoming Family Adventure Summit in San Miguel de Allende.  We love that we live in a time where we can create and gain so much, from positive intentional interactions with one another, on a more global scale. While we are currently without a base, building a sense of community is actually very important to us.  Azizi is organizing a 30 day “Pop-Up” community in San Miguel leading up the Family Adventure Summit for this very reason.  So far there are about 12 families gathering together, who are also attending Family Adventure Summit.  What a unique opportunity to re-imagine a new world of endless possibilities with people that are motivated to do the same.

To see a snapshot of our life as we evolve and navigating our personal journeys together as a family. Check out our Instagram page The World of Oak or join our Facebook Group.
As we learn to support and respect our individuality we grow stronger as a family unit. This is a lifelong process that comes with challenges but infinite rewards.

Travelling in Love…

The Birkelands!