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Mother and Son Travel – The Curry Family

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I am a single mom, I met my son’s dad while living in India. SO he is half Indian and American. My son and I moved back to the states in June of 2017. My son is now 3.5 years old. I have been doing online freelance work for 8 years. I am now learning about SEO and WordPress and building websites.

I work from home and do my best to feed my family homemade, healthy food.

I love to travel. I lived in India for 8 years. I love checking out other countries and staying for a few months to really get to experience a place. Bali..well that place is heaven.  I want to travel with my son and show him the world. He is very happy to have one home right now..and I am getting my business established before I hit the road again.

I have never been to a summit with you all. However, I have been reading the PearceOnEarth for 5+ years and love you all. Your way of living makes my soul sing and I dream of someday traveling a lot and enjoying world schooling.

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