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Balance Between Home and Travel – The Bryant Family

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This Mexico trip will be our first major family trip.  My husband and I traveled a bit before kids and have taken some smaller US trips with kids, but we are looking forward to taking our family adventures to the world stage and for an extended time period. Our goal is to make this the first of many annual one month to three-month-long family trips.  Both my husband and I work from home doing research and legal analysis as patent examiners.  We love spending time outside with our boys, Isaac (4) and Samuel (3), riding bikes, hiking in the woods, and observing the world around us. We live in Columbia, MD, an hour outside Washington DC.  We picked our neighborhood because there are bike paths connecting all parts of town with mature forests in between.  Casey is into photography and rock climbing.  Rebecca enjoys gardening and cooking.  We believe in simplifying life, being grateful each day, and minimizing our footprints on the Earth.

We are looking forward to this year’s summit, our first, to soak up everyone else’s knowledge.  We want to hear about how to share a world experience with kids in a meaningful way and how others have found balance between home life and adventure.  Having just purchased a house, we want to settle in here.  Being part of our local community and spending time with our nearby family are priorities to us.  But we also want to chase dreams and travel far.  So we’d love to find out how the dichotomy of those 2 lifestyles works for others.  We are on the cusp of schooling with the kids and will be seeking ideas about choices people have made with respect to that.   We are inspired by others that throw off expectations of modern society and chosen to create their own paths. We expect the Family Adventure Summit is just the place to find a treasure trove of inspiring families.  Isaac and Samuel are most excited about the airplane ride and having their faces painted for Day of the Dead.
Rebecca (and Casey, Isaac, and Samuel) Bryant