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Hi everyone. I’m a solo mom of 9 year old twin girls. After a 15-year sales & marketing career in SF, LA and NY, I launched then later sold my kids play café business and we left Seattle almost 2 years ago to travel around Asia for 10 months and Europe for a month 1/2. We then visited some places in the US to see friends and family for four months (plus attended the Family Adventure Summit in BC last summer), left the states again in Nov to spend 6 months in Medellin Colombia and we’re currently spending 5 months in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Peru is the 12th foreign country my girls have visited over the past 2 years. Next stop is Mexico for 6 months (where we’ll attend the Family Adventure Summit in San Miguel de Allende). The plan is to slow travel around Latin America for 18 months so my girls can learn Spanish and I can improve my Spanish. Then hopefully campervan around Europe in 2019-2020.
The trip so far has been funded by the proceeds of my business sale. I’m now launching an e-commerce biz (selling products on Amazon) to fund our continuing digital nomad and worldschooling lifestyle. I traveled to 40+ countries pre-kids and it’s the thing I love to do most. Also one of my twins has ADHD and traditional school isn’t working for her. I want my girls to grow up to be free-thinking online entrepreneurs and global citizens. My aim is to give them (and me) the option and freedom to be where ever we want or to settle in one place (i.e. the US or another country).
Someday when I have more time I’ll create a blog or vlog to help and inspire others and I’m so glad there are already others doing just that. We often meet up with other worldschooling families (some again and again in various countries) and look forward to seeing friends we know in San Miguel and meet new ones!
I am looking forward to all the learning, connecting, socializing and kids activities at the Family Adventure Summit.
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