Traveling in the Summer Months

The Corredera Family

Traveling in the Summer Months -The Corredera Family

Our family consists of mom and dad, Peter and Ana, Jacob is 10 years old and Marco is 2.  By the time we are at the Summit, the boys will be 11 and 3.

Peter is a Miami native born of immigrant Cuban parents. Ana is from Medellin, Colombia but has been in Miami most of her life.  We have traveled with our boys extensively since they have been born to the Caribbean, Mexico, Colombia and throughout Florida.  Last summer we spent a month in Medellin, Colombia and the surrounding areas and really enjoyed the experience of being away that long from home.  We love Miami, the way the city is very multicultural and you can meet people from all over.  We love our home but we realize how amazing it is to travel and expose our children to different cultures and people.  Our plans are to live here in Miami for 9 months and travel the 3 months of Summer.  We are excited to meet and learn from all the amazing families at the Summit and that way we can further organize ourselves to live the way we aspire to!

This picture is us in San Juan, Puerto Rico over the Christmas Holiday!