Taking Off For a Three Year Journey

The Bush Family

Taking Off For a Three Year Journey – The Bush Family

We are the Bushes, a family of five from Seattle, WA. Our oldest son, Anthony (20), recently moved out to New York City, and the rest of us will soon be setting out on an adventure of our own. For the next three years, Clint, Astrid, Mira (7), and Julian (4) will be digital nomads, making our way around the world as we learn about different cultures and grow our businesses. Our trip will start with a road trip around the United States, and continue on to Mexico, with the Family Adventure Summit acting as the starting point for our international journey.
We have always loved travel, and have taken our kids to new places ever since they were babies. As a family, we have traveled to eight countries, and by the end of our around the world trip, we will hopefully travel to 17 more! We plan to take a slow pace as we travel, spending at least a month or two in each country we visit. This will give us a chance to really get to know the country we are in, and allow us the time and space to focus on our businesses. Clint is a web developer, and Astrid is an international development consultant and family travel writer.
Our travel style is a combination of family-oriented, budget, and immersive travel. We love doing family-focused activities, like hiking, going to museums, or playing at parks. But we also love being immersed in the local scene. As much as we can, we try and experience a place like a local. We like staying at Airbnbs (or sometimes even house-sit), visiting local markets, and taking public transportation when we can. For us, travel is not just about experiencing a place, but also experiencing its culture. One of our most memorable travel experiences was spending a week in rural Paraguay, learning about farm life and spending time with Paraguayans.
We also realize that travel is a privilege. Not every family has the means to travel, so we’re always conscious about how we use that privilege, whether it’s choosing to support a locally-owned business versus an international chain, or being mindful and respectful of how we should act in different cultural contexts. As a multi-cultural family, we love promoting diversity and inclusion in travel, and showing the world that all kinds of families can travel.
We enjoyed our FAS experience last year because it gave us a chance to meet other families who were like us, who enjoyed the immersive aspects that travel can bring. It was like finally finding our tribe! In the time since last year’s FAS, we have made many great friendships, and are looking forward to reconnecting with many of the families we met last year. This year, Astrid is also excited to lead a panel discussion on long-term travel, helping traveling families learn strategies to handle the challenges of adjusting to life on the road.
We’re looking forward to experiencing Mexico during the Day of the Dead, and exploring the town of San Miguel de Allende! And we can’t wait to expand our network of travelers around the world, and meet all the amazing families at FAS.
Astrid’s blog is called The Wandering Daughter (www.thewanderingdaughter.com), and will features stories from our travels, as well as helpful tips for family travel. And you can also follow Astrid (www.instagram.com/wanderdaughter) and Clint (www.instagram.com/madebyclint) on Instagram.