This Family Sold Their House to Travel

The Dragt Family

This Family Sold Their House to Travel – The Dragt Family

The Dragts (pronounced Dr-AH-t) have always loved to travel and dreamed of getting their kids out of the U.S. to experience life in new ways. Never having the means to do anything so radical as to leave everything behind and go live in another country, they took small trips to get a taste, figuring they would get to it someday. The Dragts visited a small fishing village in Nicaragua and absolutely loved it. They spent a couple weeks in Venice and Rome and they loved that too! Then when their oldest daughter turned 15, Andy and Gina had this moment where they knew they needed to find a way to get moving if they were ever going to live their dream while their kids were still with them. So as soon as they finished building their house, they sold it and got rid of everything but the essentials. They are living full-time in an RV and have been traveling for six months. They spent the winter in Mexico, and are currently touring the National Parks of the western U.S. The whole family is excited to get back to San Miguel, MX and meet a new group of family travelers at the Summit!

Andy and Gina have been married for twenty years which means they’ve been together for half of their lives. They spent most of it in Michigan where they loved the summers and hated the winters. Though one of their favorite places on Earth is still Petoskey, MI where they have spent every anniversary relaxing, taking in the views of the bay and dreaming of what’s next.

Andy is a dreamer and an entrepreneur who loves to meet new people and new places. He is a leadership coach, a licensed builder and an accidental online business owner. Gina doesn’t like to be cold and prefers life spent in the sun with a view of palm trees. She spent some time as a private chef and still enjoys experimenting in the kitchen. (Though she would never say no to a night out at a good Thai restaurant.) Haeli (16) is a loyal friend who dreams of being an author and is currently working on her first book. She prefers a big city full of new friends she hasn’t met yet, to a hike in the woods. The things she misses most while living on the road are her friends, soccer and the chance to act on stage. Maya (13) is a curious and witty girl who excels at anything artistic or musical she picks up. She enjoys spending relaxed time with her family and prefers a small group of friends. The things she misses most while living on the road are her friends, her cello and her porch swing.

Together the Dragts dream of slow travel in Europe as their next great adventure!

You can find them at, on Instagram (family and Haeli), and Haeli’s YouTube Channel.