The Elliott Family

Selling Everything To Travel And Grow Their Business

Selling Everything To Travel And Grow Their Business – The Elliott Family

Hi All! We are the Elliott’s – Scottie, Brian, & Elijah.

After living 15 years in Seattle, we decided to quit our lucrative jobs and sell everything (a house, 2 cars, and a TON of stuff) to travel and grow our online business called Gather. We had many reasons for taking this jump, but one of the biggest was the fact that we felt that time was slipping through our fingertips and dragging our family with it. Our son was spending close to 10 hours a day on daycare and quality family time had been relegated to a few weekend hours when we could slip it in around life’s responsibilities. We were tired and felt trapped in the rat race we all know so well.

When we first took off we were hungry to see and do as much as we could and spent the first year moving fairly quickly through SE Asia, Eastern Europe and eventually landed in San Miguel de Allende, MX. Initially, we’d planned on staying in SMA for 3 months which turned into 2 years. SMA is an amazing place with a wonderful community and the quality of life is off the charts. Our son attended school, learned Spanish, and made some amazing friends. An awesome experience and certainly one we did not expect, but that’s the beauty of living a location independent life. You can choose to stay when things feel right or you can choose to go when it is time.

In July, we decided it was time to hit the road again. We’re currently in Peru and plan to explore this beautiful country until we make our way back to SMA for the Summit. The rest of our year is TBD (we’ve learned not to plan to far advance), but the current plan is to spend it in South America world schooling Elijah as we go.

The timing of the Family Adventure Sumit could not be more perfect for us as we start this next year of travel. We all have our own unique challenges with this lifestyle, but through community we are able to help each other find their way. We are excited to connect, learn from, and share knowledge with other like minded families.

You can find us on Instagram at Scottie Elliott and Leisurelee.

See you soon!


The Elliott’s