Raising a Resilient Child

The Pollon Family

Raising a Resilient Child – The Pollon Family

My son and I have always been travelers. I was brought up a traveler, having been born in France then moved to America at a young age. We returned to France almost every year to visit family while they were still living, and it was one of my son’s first trips after he was born. We also took frequent trips to see my beloved Mexico, where he took his first steps on the beach, and where we’ve settled for a time.

I’m a single mom so traveling solo comes with its own complications, and also benefits, which I hope to share some of at this conference. I’ve loved spending time on the road with my boy, and showing him places and things that mean so much to my life. Most recently we’ve moved to Mexico, traveled in central and South America and spent endless days on the road crossing borders in our packed car with two faithful dogs. Family travel at its best.

I do sometimes wonder if my son will rebel and one day become a homebound couch potato after the upbringing he’s had. But the tools he has gained will remain: My son is resilient and flexible, makes friends quickly and adapts to any situation. He is patient and forgiving and makes me aspire to be so every single day. Sure, he’s learned that he likes fancy hotels over the roach-ridden motels, but he knows that both exist and that luxuries are not always in our reach. And sometimes they are. In general, we get to see every day of our travels how fortunate we are in this life not only to travel, but to have so many of the choices we have.

I’m so excited to attend this Summit, having missed last year’s event. I find the people I meet on the road to be kindred spirits, with both incredible practical knowledge to share, and an amazing affinity of desires, openness, curiosity and willingness to try new things and creative ways of living.

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