The Elaun Family

A Traveling Family of Artists

A Traveling Family of Artists- The Elaun Family

We are a family of four Andre, Spramani, Laurun & Spencer. Three artists and an auto mechanic. We own an art school & art supply company – Nature of Art.  Our company is the driving force behind why we travel and seek new adventures. Our company is online, and we host live kids art venues internationally.

Both kids have been Worldschooling since birth.  Our daughter Laurun just graduated this past September from worldschooling/unschooling, I proudly gave her a high school diploma.

We sponsor some of the largest kids art venues in the homeschooling and unschooling communities nationwide. We travel by car, train, RV, boat, and plane, our home base is in North County San Diego. We’ve spent the last year in a house, but before then we were on the road for 3 years in an RV working.

Because we worldschool my children have made so many friends everywhere mostly outside of San Diego. At very young ages the kids were traveling on planes independently visiting other unschooling friends and family. The kids have friends nationwide! I’ve always encouraged my kids to take local buses and trains to get a taste of travel and meeting all walks of life.

I use to just take them on buses and trains just for the adventure at very young ages in our local towns. Both kids love traveling and have the travel bug.

We have driven multiple time cross country, even with our cat in the RV. We’re called road warriors because we know how to travel so well by car and get to a destination quickly for art events. I can’t even tell you how many miles we’ve put on automobiles, it’s a lot!

Last summer the kids went with me to China on art business. They loved it, they can’t wait to go back. Last summer my business took me to Istanbul, Canada – Family Adventure Summit 2017 Canada, literally four different counties.

When we are home we are at the beach, mountains or desert. We are a high energy family and love to travel and always ready to go. We have a huge bucket list of places we want to see. We would really like to travel Europe by RV, someday. My favorite way to travel is by car or RV., there something exciting when you arrive before dawn or see sunset at your final destination. You see so much more on the road.

Traveling has really bonded our family to world peace. I love hearing my kids share their stores of what they have seen to friends. The world is such a more amazing classroom. Traveling has been a huge part of my children’s education. Some places our family members have visited: China, Istanbul, Guam, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, Driven across the U.S multiple times, driven up and down the West Coast over 30 times from San Diego to Canada.

Happy travels, see you in Mexico!