Wandering the World Without End

The Lutjeharms Family

Wandering the World Without End – The Lutjeharms Family

We are the Lutjeharms family, a Belgian family of five: dad Willem, mum Lieve, son Kilian (10), son Kobe (8) and daughter Flora (6). We have always loved to travel and we have travelled a lot before starting our family.
When we became parents, travel kind of slipped to the back of our minds. But not for long, soon we got itchy feet again… When Flora was 2, we decided we would pick up traveling again. So every summer holiday we set out for 4 to 6 weeks of travel adventures. Though totally different than before, when travelling as a couple, we completely loved to travel with our kids, to be able to show them the world, to let them experience different ways of living and to see how they soaked it all up, how they learned and growed.
Last year after the summer holiday, we decided as a family that we wanted more of this. A lot more. So we decided to plan a year-long adventure, traveling through Central America, visiting Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico. We rented out our house, remodeled our company to be able to work as digital nomads and decided to worldschool the kids. As we were planning this adventure, it all felt so right, we were so excited about it, that soon the concept changed from a one-year-project into a project with no end date. And thus we became the wondering/wandering family (www.thewonderingfamily.com)...
We are slow travelers, looking to connect with people and places, always open to experiencing new things, to broaden our horizon. We love local markets, reading in our hammocks, sunsets over the sea, howler monkeys in the trees, catching the waves on a surf- or bodyboard, eating local foods, taking a dip under a waterfall, learning and growing in many different ways…  We just love life, and we feel alive living the life we love and loving the life we live. Two months into traveling, we are all more enthusiastic than ever and we are very happy to have found the family adventure summit. We are looking forward to meeting everyone, and to learn from all of you!
We can be found at our blog http://www.thewonderingfamily.com, on facebook as The Wondering Family (https://www.facebook.com/thewonderingfamily/) and on Instagram as thewonderingfamily (https://www.instagram.com/thewonderingfamily/)