An Outdoor Family

The Clarke Family

An Outdoor Family – The Clarke Family

We are a traveling trio consisting of Charles, Felicity and our four-year-old son Kye Clarke.  We aren’t full-time travelers yet, though we aspire to be one day.  We currently reside in the Greenville, South Carolina area where we run a landscape business, Felicity’s Flowers and Design.   Our business is a niche business in that we don’t do the usual landscaping services of cutting grass and other yard maintenance.  We specialize in annual flower beds, gardens and landscape renovations. The business takes a good bit of our time, especially in our peak seasons which are from season #1 April/May and season #2 October/November.  So coming down to Mexico for the Summit in October/November is unusual for us as we normally wouldn’t be traveling during this time.  After much thought, we decided to take the plunge and do the October trip.

Our adventures began when we got married in 2013.  We enjoy hiking, canoeing and the outdoors.  So our wedding was about a 6-7 mile hike down into a secluded nature preserve mountain.  Our honeymoon was a multi-day canoe/camping trip which covered 44 canoe miles and 33 hiking miles on the Santa Fe River in Florida that presented so much wildlife from alligators, deer, owls, and even manatee that swam under our canoe in the early morning hours!

Our son Kye was born in 2014.  So he has been on several canoe trips with us.  In fact, one of his favorite things to do is go camping.  Our adventures have been limited to the United Staes so far; until this trip to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. We love visiting State and Federal Parks.  There are so many great places to visit around us that it is sometimes hard to choose.  We are particularly fascinated with parks built by the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps), nature preserves as well as botanical gardens.  

Some of our adventures have taken us to Northern Wisconsin, Ohio, Upstate New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Hawaii where we have enjoyed the beauty of outdoor life.  Probably one of our most favorite adventures is canoeing the Ichnetucknee River!  It’s 6 mile long crystal clear spring fed river in Florida.  

We don’t currently have an active blog of our adventures yet; though we have talked about it many times.  Friends and family have told us we should be writing about our adventures; so maybe we will have one soon.  Our current Instagram is  .

We are excited to be coming to the Family Adventures Summit in San Miguel de Allende!  We look forward to meeting like-minded families.  We hope to learn about schooling our son while traveling as this is a topic that always comes up and maybe gets some tips on starting a blog writing about our adventures.