Working Overseas

The Williams Family

Working Overseas – The Williams Family

We are the Williams family. Bryan, Clair, Oliver and Adelaide. Clair told Bryan on their 3rd date that they could continue, but later, because she was off to spend six weeks in Guatemala. She returned to Central America a year later, but this time they were together on their honeymoon.
The Williams family call’s Connecticut, USA home but they love a good road trip or hop across the pond to Northern Europe. Bryan’s recent work as a digital developer and strategist at LEGO has offered them opportunity to add Scandinavia as nearly their second home. The kids are home-schooled, but are rarely ever home. Oliver loves baseball and reading. Adelaide loves Unicorns, cartwheels and small things that fit in her pocket. Clair has a knitting and wool spinning podcast on YouTube and Instagram.
We look forward most at the Family Adventure Summit to connect with other families and experience Día de Muertos in Mexico.