We're Building a Drinking Water System for an Entire School!


We’re Building a Drinking Water System for an Entire School!

As you know, the Family Adventure Summit is not about profit. It is a project that embraces giving back as a core principle. The reason that Family Adventure Summit was started was to help families who aspire to live differently reach their goals, and to create real and long-lasting friendships and community amongst our attendees.

To further our goal of giving back, the Family Adventure Summit donates 100% of its profits to organizations and projects in the various local communities where the event is held.

Every dollar you spend with Family Adventure Summit goes toward creating an epic and inspiring event for you and your family, and all the families present, and also toward supporting the communities in which we visit.

Our 2018 Chosen Charity

This year, we are donating our profits to Caminos de Agua. And we have enough profits to provide a rainwater capture system and water filtration for an entire elementary school in the community of Ponzo Hondo! We are so grateful to be able to donate just over $1500 USD to Caminos de Agua.

We also invited our attendees to open up their wallets to this worthy cause, and they answered our call to action, raising another $700. An anonymous donor has also agreed to match our contributions for the month of November. That means we have been able to raise a total of just over $4400. Amazing!

Pozo Hondo is a small community, about an hour’s drive northwest of San Miguel. Both they and San Miguel residents are part of the 680,000 people that share the* Alto Río Laja Watershed *– the main water source.

Unfortunately, they also share a number of health risks that have developed due to the aggressive over-extraction from this finite underground water resource. As a result, the water table is dropping a staggering 2-3 meters, or  6-10 feet, a year – causing wells all over the region to dry up. This is also concentrating naturally-occurring arsenic and fluoride to levels unfit for human consumption, which is exactly what’s happened in Ponzo Hondo.

The well in Pozo Hondo pumps less and less water and what remains has some of the highest levels of arsenic and fluoride in the region. The only alternatives for families are long walks to a dirty stream or purchasing water from a local bottler, which residents can rarely afford and that is also untested. The lack of affordable safe, drinking water has also caused the local elementary school to ration each student to one liter of bottled drinking water per week, so its no wonder the students regularly drink from the contaminated well.

What the people of Pozo Hondo don’t share is the ability to buy bottled water from a trustworthy source or to install in-home reverse osmosis systems that remove arsenic and fluoride. Luckily, Caminos de Agua has been able to work with the families in Pozo Hondo. They have tested their water, met with the community, and asked them if they wanted to get organized and work with Caminos de Agua to design a healthy water solution.

Today, Caminos de Agua is working in partnership with the families of Pozo Hondo to build the first stage of that design. When fully implemented, Pozo Hondo, and the neighboring community of La Vaciada, will have 25 large-scale Rainwater Harvesting Systems and 80 families will have one of the certified Ceramic Filters in their homes, which eliminates 99.9999% of the biological contaminants that accumulate in stored water.

This new source of drinking is free of arsenic and fluoride, more secure than bottled water, and infinitely more affordable.

If you are able to give and help us provide more drinking water solutions to this community, please donate at the link below. We’ll be posting updates and videos as the systems get built on social media so you can see your dollars at work. Gracias!