2019 Children’s Activities

Get ready for some friends with friends new and old! Our amazing children’s programs have something for everyone and will keep your kids engaged while parents are enjoying the Adult Conference.

Little's Program - Ages 2-5

The Little’s Program has a higher ratio of adults to children (1 adult to 4-5 children) so that we can be sure the youngest of our tribe are getting the care they need.

Children will be broken into small groups based on age. All activities will be geared towards age-appropriateness so that each group feels comfortable as well as challenged within their groups. We will be incorporating Balinese art and tradition into our daily learnings and will also be working on a small contribution to the theater group’s performance.


Children's Program - Age 6-12

Our children’s coordinator, Theresa Bovenzi, will be incorporating fun activities for the 6 and over crowd. Children can expect to be thoroughly engaged with a wide range of activities. All children’s activities will be taking place in the children’s area at ARMA Resort.

Our hope is that every child will find something that resonates with them and that the days will be filled with fun, learning, adventure, and new friends!

The mornings will consist of fun and games in full group activities. In the afternoons, children will continue the fun in groups called Adventure Crews with a maximum of 30 children. Adventure Crews on offer this year are Art, Technology, Music, Theater, and Sports.


A few months pre-event, parents will receive an email from Theresa so that they can choose what adventure crew their child would like to participate in. 

Teen Program - Age 13-18

We know the Family Adventure Summit can be life-changing for teens. Over the last few years, we’ve seen amazing friendships formed amongst our teen attendees and have watched them grow and thrive. Grown worldschooler Hannah Miller will be in charge of our teen program this year.

The teens will be participating in self-run discussions, sessions, and workshops in the mornings. The afternoons will be reserved for teens to volunteer in the Adventure Crews. At Family Adventure Summit, we believe in the power of giving back to the community, and volunteering in the Adventure Crews give the teens a sense of belonging to a wider tribe of families. Trust us when we say that volunteering has been a highlight of the Summit for all of our past teen attendees!

Under 2

Children under the age of two years old are required to stay with their parents or caregiver for the entire duration of the conference. Parents are welcome to come to the Little’s program to participate in the activities or have some downtime whenever needed.