Introducing A New Opportunity for Families Who Want to Travel


Introducing A New Opportunity for Families Who Want to Travel

The Family Adventure Summit team is so excited to share our new project with you all! This is something that started as an idea back in October and now, we’ve turned our moment of inspiration into reality!

Introducing The Family Adventure Academy!

Unlike the Family Adventure Summit, the Family Adventure Academy is for parents only. This is a 3-day, in-person intensive for parents who are interested in traveling long-term with their children, but they are looking for a little help to get them started. Think of it as a boot camp for aspiring family travelers.

We’ll be spending each day diving deep into the topics of travel logistics, how to earn money while traveling, and how to worldschool. Our goal is for parents to come away with all their questions answered, clarity on how to move forward in a way that best serves their family’s needs, and the courage and support to make it all happen.

Ready to travel the world with your children? Learn more about the Family Adventure Academy!

When and Where

Our next three-day intensive Academy will take place in Seattle, Washington, USA from August 16th to 18th.

Do Your Friends Always Say to You, "I Wish I Could Do That!"?

Yes, we all have those friends who wish they could take off with their kids to see the world but they need some extra support (or a big push in the right direction!)

If you have friends or family who you think would benefit from the Family Adventure Acadamy, please send them our website,

Your friends will thank you for your encouragement once they are on the road!