The 3 Secrets to Worldschooling Success: Commitment, Intention, & Presence


The 3 Secrets to Worldschooling Success: Commitment, Intention, & Presence

So often parents worry about the educational impact of travel on their children.

  • Will they get “behind?”
  • Am I capable of teaching them?
  • What about math and science?
  • What about socialization?

As parents, we’re hard-wired to worry about our kids. We take our responsibility to raise them, and educate them very seriously. You’re a great parent, that’s why you are thinking through all of the big things upfront. And it’s scary to do something “different” that feels “experimental” with our kids. What if we’re wrong? What if we set them back in some way? What if they can’t get into college?

I’m here to tell you that you CAN successfully worldschool your kids! Why? Because I did, and I’m not special. And hundreds of families I know have, and they’re not special. Tens of thousands more ARE right at this very moment, and they are just like you.

Smart parents thoughtfully consider the best educational path for their children and spend the time planning for their success. We’ll be spending a whole day doing this at the Family Adventure Academy, as we walk through every step, from defining your educational philosophy, to teaching the basics of reading, writing, and math, to the big worry that so many parents have… getting them into university.

I’ve done this four times. My kids never went to school. We spent the middle decade of their childhood traveling full time across about forty countries on six continents. Not only was the world their classroom, they were accepted to their first choice universities with ease. I’ve helped hundreds of families find their feet on the path and craft world-class educations for their kids while having the adventure of a lifetime together.

You can read more about our ten years of adventuring on our family travel blog, Edventure  Project. Or you can discover more about how I help people with worldschooling here.

There are so many things I’d love to sit and talk with you about where education and adventure combine, but for today, by way of encouragement, I’d like to share what I consider to be the three secrets to worldschooling success. (Deep breaths, it’s easier than you think!)

1. Commitment

Let me tell you a well known but little-discussed secret about the educational process of your child: No one is more invested in the success of your child than you are. No one. Not professional teachers, or administrators, or grandparents, or know-it-all strangers. YOU are the most concerned, most committed supporter of your child’s educational future. You’ve been thinking about it carefully and making the best choices at every turn, since before your child was born.

That won’t change when you switch to worldschooling.

Your commitment to your child is, perhaps, the biggest indicator of educational success for your child, regardless of the mode of education you choose. Parents who are committed to the process and are “all in” where their child’s education is concerned, tend to have children who enjoy wild success as they grow.


  • Because you’re going to put effort in every single day.
  • You’ll find the best resources out there, because you care so much
  • If something isn’t working, you’ll be the first to know, and you’ll change gears
  • You’ll evaluate and reevaluate the needs of your child and tweak your process as they grow
  • You’ll tailor make an education out of the trip of a lifetime and the childhood that dreams are made of.

If you’re a parent committed to the educational success of your child, you’ll be great at worldschooling. That’s a fact.

2. Intention

We know that setting intention in all areas of life, from relationships to financial management, is a powerful tool. Worldschooling is not an exception. Thinking carefully and setting your intention, as a parent individually, in your partnership if you have one, with and for each individual child, for your family adventures, and the educational process as well is one of the big secrets to success in worldschooling.

Those intentions might vary from day to day or month to month. You might set one overall and then in particular categories or time frames, depending on what life hands you. The key is to be mindful of where you are going as you walk the path and keep the destination, the intention, before you at all times.

Some intentions I’ve set for our worldschooling over the years include:

  • Joy in Learning
  • A Culture of Creativity
  • Fostering Curiosity
  • The Harvest of Diligence
  • Mastery
  • Productive Habits
  • Exploration
  • Experience and Connection
  • Relationship Building

Setting an intention, or multiple intentions, for your worldschooling journey is the secret to driving growth in new areas for your whole family. (Here’s another secret: worldschooling is not about your kids.

3. Presence

The third and perhaps most important secret to worldschooling, in the day to day, is presence. There is no substitute to simply being present with your child. This isn’t just physically, which is easy to do when we pull our kids out of school and choose to travel or live life together with them. The real secret is in mental and emotional presence with your child. Setting aside the tyranny of the present to invest in the moment with your child.

When you cultivate presence in worldschooling, it allows you to really see your child and the world through their eyes. Presence provides a window into interests and space to take advantage of the teachable moments that emerge only with a profusion of time and togetherness. Cultivating presence is really cultivating relationship with your child.

If you are present with your child, you’re going to see their daily needs, recognize where they are at in their educational process, have better intuition about where to nudge and where to create space.

Presence is also the secret to enjoying the worldschooling process more deeply as a family. When you’re fully engaged, you’re part of the adventure and are giving your children the gift of loving engagement.

Are you ready to take the leap and make the world your classroom? Be encouraged! Hundreds of families just like yours are learning in the real world.

Join us at the Family Adventure Academy in Seattle, Washington on Aug 16-18, 2019 and come prepared to learn! You’ll leave the event with the skills, knowledge, confidence, and support to worldschool your children and have the adventure of a lifetime.