The 2019 Teen's Program


The 2019 Teen’s Program


We’re so excited to have you at the Family Adventure Summit 2019! This year, we’re holding a special space just for teens – your home base for hanging out with friends, making new connections, and building your own perspectives around worldschooling. Whether you’re new to worldschooling or have years of experience, prepare to be challenged and to make lifelong friends here!

Participants of the Family Adventure Summit Teen Program will spend two hours in the mornings working together to build a strong community and dive into the concept of learning on their own terms. This is a chance to bring your ideas and interests to the forefront. While the Teen Program does include structured activities, it is also designed to encourage teens towards active, self-led contribution and teamwork.

In the afternoons, Teen Participants are encouraged to opt into volunteering with the Children’s Program. This is a great way to give back to the community and get involved in another way that highlights your specific interests.

We will be meeting daily from 10am for two hours of games, teen-led sessions, and creative workshops. Teens are welcome to share game suggestions or request time and space to lead a session/workshop of their own.

Just for Teens Activities

Day 1 – Orientation and Community Building

Get to know the other teens in the program! Work together to set our community manifesto, hear a quick briefing on the schedule/volunteering options, meet Teen Program Leaders and Teen Ambassadors, and compete in a fun Traveler’s Scavenger Hunt and other games.

Day 2 – Teen Panel

Work together in small roundtables to share your worldschooling experiences and come up with questions for the Teen Panel, then head over to the Panel and put them to use. Optional: skip the Teen Panel and collaborate in our Creative Space instead.

Day 3 – Teen Entrepreneur Roundtable

The Kaponay Family teens lead a session on using world travel to recognize our passions and turn them into viable entrepreneurial ventures that sustain and inspire. Rèka and Lalika have both created income streams based on their interests through travel. They will teach us how to get family, friends, and mentors involved in support and collaboration, whether you’re building a business or pursuing your biggest dream of being an actor, musician, writer – you name it. Teen Participants will learn how to “own their travels,” collaborating with their families to intentionally build learning projects based on personal interests.

Day 4 – Creativity Roundup

Teen Participants have the option of attending Rèka’s talk on creative writing and travel (outside the Teen Program) or collaborating on their own interests in the Creative Space. This is the time to do a video project together, write, share your own game ideas, build something, lead a session, or join another group.


The Volunteer portion of the Teen Program is an extra special way to connect with your community at the Family Adventure Summit! Volunteering helps build Leadership skills, is a great way to get involved and make new friends, and is highly appreciated by the staff and facilitators of the Children’s Program.

Participants of the Teen Program are asked to help out each afternoon of the Summit with the “Adventure Crew” portion of the Children’s Program. There are many ways to be involved, but basically being a positive role model for the younger children and a willing helper for the adults who are facilitating each Adventure Crew is all that is required!