How We are Reducing Our Environmental Impact


How We are Reducing Our Environmental Impact

In an effort to reduce our environmental impact on Bali and live by the values we set out as a team, we are doing a few things differently this year!

We hope you can agree that these small changes that will take a little bit of extra effort on everyone’s part are a very good thing for all involved, including mother earth!

No More Printed Schedules

To better support environmental sustainability, we’ve chosen not to print paper program booklets with the schedule for each family. Instead, we have created an app that has all of the schedule information in it, from sessions, speaker info, venue info, sponsors, and even a list of our core values (Sustainability being one).

Each attendee will need to download the app in order to view the schedule (or you can view it on our website). Please note that the app is online so you will need to have data or wifi in order to access it (we will have wifi passwords available at registration.)


  1. Go to on your phone to get the app
  2. Click “Yes” to add the app to your home screen. That’s it!

Alternately, if you’re accessing this URL from a desktop browser, you’ll get a QR code that you can scan with your phone’s camera or a QR code app to open the URL on your phone.

We’ll also have a printed schedule at each conference area should you not have access to a phone.

We hope you enjoy this new feature of the 2019 Summit!

No More Plastic or Paper Cups

Again, in our effort to reduce our environmental impact on the places we travel to, we will not be providing throw away cups at the event. We will, of course, have drinking water available, but all attendees will need to bring their own reusable water bottles. Our partner, Refill My Bottle, will be bringing in reusable bottles to sell at a reasonable price should you forget to bring your own.

Thanks for your understanding in this everyone! Don’t forget your bottles!

No Swag Bags

As the manufacturing of bags does have its own environmental impact and a swag bag doesn’t add much value to an event, we’ve decided to do away with them and minimize the amount of paper that we do give you. Less is more when you are a traveling family, right?

If you have any other ideas on how we can reduce our environmental impact, feel free to reply to this email!

See you soon!