Our Facebook Group is moving to GlobalFamilies.net.


Our Facebook Group is moving to GlobalFamilies.net.

We have some BIG and EXCITING news! One of our Alumni families, the Dragts, have created a new communication platform called Global Families. Our team was invited to start testing it out a few months ago and we like it SO much that we decided to use it for Family Adventure Summit!

It is a platform hosted on Mighty Networks that the Dragts have customized to meet the needs of family travelers. The best way to describe it would be like a Facebook Group but easier to use, and without the data tracking and security issues that come from FB.

We think it is going to be a great tool to communicate, to foster community, and to provide a safe environment for discussions. Plus, there is a private teen room moderated by responsible young adults! If you have teens, you can appreciate our excitement for that addition to the platform!

We’ll be making the switch from our private FB group to Global Families as soon as possible and we will be posting ALL of our on the ground announcements there so please help us by creating your own account.

There is also an app, which we HIGHLY recommend you get as then you will get all announcement notifications directly on your phone at the event. We are so excited for this easy and safe way to communicate with each other!

Below, please find a letter from Andy Dragt and his family, as well as a link to create your own account for Global Families.

Hi, we’re the Dragt family and we’d like to share a project we’ve been working on since the last Family Adventure Summit, Global Families! Global Families is a powerful new online community for families who travel and travelers in search of a family. We’d like to invite you to join us inside where you’ll find the new official online home of the Family Adventure Summit community. But first, let us tell you a little more about it. Global Families is built on a robust community-oriented platform that doesn’t rely on collecting and monetizing our personal data and attention. It’s packed full of features like groups (public and private), classes, topics, and private messaging. The platform is flexible and can grow with the needs of our community. You can access it anywhere via a browser or mobile apps and it’s FREE to join! Most of all, we’ve made it a safe place for your whole family. There is a private teen room moderated by responsible young adults who are committed to making it a fun and welcoming environment for teens and tweens. We don’t collect personal data and you decide whether or not to share your location information. We believe it’s time to stop trusting our community to platforms that leave us less healthy and more distracted. We can’t wait to welcome you to something better! You can find out more and join the group by clicking this link.