Help Us Find a Location for Family Adventure Summit


Help Us Find a Location for Family Adventure Summit

Do you know a good place to hold Family Adventure Summit? Is there a city, town, or a specific venue you think would be perfect for the event? Or would you like to help us find one?

If so, we invite you to become one of our official Family Adventure Summit Location Scouts!

The world is a big place, and it’s difficult for one person (or family) to scout out all of the potential locations and venues. But as a community already spread across the globe, we can make the work lighter by sharing in it together.

Depending on number of suitable options and how quickly they come in, we could even vote as a community on where future events are held. If your location is chosen, you will also win a free ticket to the Family Adventure Summit!

By the way, our survey shows that 75% of you are interested in attending Family Adventure Summit, no matter where in the world it is! We are so touched by this prioritization of the community over the location! And the most desired location on the survey at the moment is Eastern Europe. So those of you who are in that part of the world or will be soon, we could especially use your help. Of course,  we welcome submissions from anywhere, noting that we sometimes need to plan multiple years in advance to reserve dates.

If you’re interested in becoming a Location Scout, please reply or send an email to, and we’ll send you the Location Scout Handbook with all the details about our location and venue requirements, and the submission process.

Thank you for being part of this community of traveling families, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

The Family Adventure Summit Co-Founders