Academies are back for Family Adventure Summit 2019!
October 7 - 10, 2019

All-day "Deep Dive" Workshops on Important Topics for Traveling Families.

Develop the Mindset and Practical Skills You Need to Thrive!

These "Academies" or all-day workshops are your opportunity to learn and take your life to the next level in travel, relationships, education, and funding your adventure, in much more depth than we can do in a typical 1-2 hour session during the conference.

These academies are led by seasoned travelers and teachers with vast experience and big hearts, ready and excited to help you grow and succeed in your own family travel adventure.

See below for more details on each academy.

Travel Academy: Creating, Sustaining, & Optimizing Your Family Travel Experiences 

Led by George, Bobi, Lalika, and Réka Kaponay

Monday, October 7th, 9:00am-5:00pm

Join us for this full-day, highly interactive Travel Academy, where through StoryCollaborative Engagement, and Hands-On practical application, we will cover together the crucial topics every family wishing to travel long-term and thrive should consider, contemplate, and know…

We will ask and endeavor to answer some of the crucial big questions of long-term family travel and in our time together, we will create your own family story and traveling plan that will include the answers to:

  • Why it is you are wanting to travel together? - Getting to the heart of the real-why and meaningful purpose of your journey

  • What kind of traveling experiences do you want to share together traveling as a family - Creating Your Own Family Travel Story of Success

  • What is it you really need to enhance, optimise & make the most of your travel experiences? - Relieving our lives of excess baggage

  • Travel Planning - How you can live and travel on less than $25K a year - Sharing Travel Hacks & Creating Your Very Own Optimised Travel Plan

This Academy is hands-on, intended and intentionally designed for every attendee to interactively take a part, in a way that will engage, challenge, inspire and activate your collective passions to forge your own integrated, collectively woven, shared family travel story.

Prerequisites: This course is suitable for Adults and children 10 or above who will actively take part in the whole day’s activities. Everyone should bring their own laptop or tablet in order to interactively create their own travel plan.

About The Kaponay Family:

The Kaponay family have been living and traveling on the road full-time without a permanent home base for the last eight years.

As a family of four, they lived and travelled the world on a budget of less than $25K a year, and yet, they have had an experience that has been so fulfilling, it has seen all of them bloom in their transformation. Their journey has taken them to 52 countries on six continents, on an adventure of learning and discovery, a key aspect of their growth and development as a family.

Their daughter Réka 18, inspired by their journeys, became one of the world’s youngest authors, when at just 14, she published her debut fantasy adventure novel Dawn of the Guardian, within 18 months, signing a three book contract with a major publishing house. Her twin brother, Lalika, 18, took his passion for finding the best travel options and created and launched his own Travel Concierge Service, Destinator Travel. George & Bobi, inspired by their travels and learning, created their own Labour of Love Programme which helps families, communities and organizations realize and bring to fruition their own passionate ventures through the power of Intuition, StoryTelling, Self-Managing Principles & Self-Organizing ProcessesThey are currently in the process of launching Museley - a community based monthly subscription membership site, intended to explore the most vital and relevant topics for living a fully intentional family life. Museley is intending to engage and inspire your entire family to live, learn, work, and grow together in creating a life lived to its fullest through living your collectively owned family story. The Kaponays continue to travel the world with a keen desire to be of service, to learn together and to foster a spirit of deepening human connections. 

The Kaponay Family

The Kaponay Family

Money Academy – Funding Your Travel Adventure through Creative Income, Entrepreneurship, or Investing

Led by Brandon Pearce

Tuesday, October 8th, 9:00am-5:00pm

How do you finance a life of long-term travel? 

Some work at traditional jobs, but do it online. Some work part of the year, and travel for the rest. Some have online businesses. Some find work as they go. Some turn their properties into income-generating investments. Often, families have multiple sources of income, built around passion projects that add meaning (not just money) to their lives.

But how do you actually do those things?

  • How do you create a new online business when you’re already working 9-5 and taking care of your family?
  • How do you find reliable online work that pays well?
  • How do you find the motivation to keep working on a business that isn’t growing as fast as you’d like?
  • How do you create something meaningful that gives you not only more money and location freedom, but also more time to enjoy with your family?

In this all-day hands-on workshop, come learn from successful location-independent business owner and real estate investor, Brandon Pearce.

About Brandon Pearce:
In his 10th year traveling the world with his family of five, successful 4-hour workweek entrepreneur, Brandon Pearce is passionate about living life to the fullest while inspiring others to follow their dreams. Brandon is the founder of the Family Adventure Summit, Music Teacher’s Helper, and several other exciting projects that he manages online from around the world. Brandon has been featured on Tim Ferriss' 4-hour blog and in Chris Guillebeau's New York Times best-selling book "The $100 Startup”.

Brandon Pearce

Education Academy: Everything You Need To Know About Worldschooling! (Almost)

Gain The Confidence To Educate Your Child With Proven Practical Tips and Strategies
Led by Jenn Miller

Wednesday, October 9th, 9:00am-5:00pm

Do you dream of traveling the world with your kids and making the world their classroom? Or, are you traveling now and struggling with the "school" part? Perhaps you're just looking for some fresh ideas and perspectives on how to make this journey FUN for everyone and maximize the learning potential every day, traveling or not. You're not alone! Education is one of the biggest concerns world traveling families have. We all want our kids to succeed wildly at whatever they do and to be able to launch into the world with the skills they need, not only to survive, but to overcome and thrive.
Whether you are just considering worldschooling, are in the messy middle, or are beginning to consider how to launch young people towards university, or adulthood, this session is for you.

  • We'll explore the WHY of worldschooling and then move into the HOW.
  • We'll examine what REALLY MATTERS in terms of what you should "teach" and how to know if your kid is "getting it."
  • We'll dive deep into methods and tools and explore options for kids with alternative learning styles and needs.
  • We'll talk about multi-level teaching and how to juggle a four year old alongside one in high school and one just learning to read.
  • We'll examine ways to maximize the learning wherever you are and how to leverage local communities for the educational benefit of your kids.
  • We'll think through why we shouldn't really care what the public schools are teaching and whether we are "keeping up."
  • We'll look specifically at high school and how to cover the bases for kids as they move towards higher education
  • We'll plot the options for university entrance and show you how to get around standardized testing and leverage your child's time OUT of the system as their greatest asset.

This is a LOT to pack into one day. We're going to move fast and dive deep. A panel discussion will draw in a range of perspectives. You'll have the opportunity to ask your hard questions and work in small groups to brainstorm solutions to your real-world problems. If you're tired, burned out, struggling, or juggling, come to this session. If you're curious, interested, exploring, or expanding your concept of education through worldschooling, come to this session. My goal is that we come away encouraged, motivated, and empowered, with new tools in our toolkit for making our children's educations the greatest adventure of their lives.

About Jenn Miller

Jenn Miller traveled full time with her husband and four children for almost eight years, across six continents. Worldschooling her children from birth to university, travel was an integral part of their educational process. She is a teacher by training, a professional writer and editor in the travel and alternative education markets. She is passionate about women’s issues, social justice, and continuing to learn every day. In conjunction with the American Gap Association and BootsnAll, she’s developing the Travel Access Project, an open-source curriculum resource at the intersection of education and adventure; a free tool for travelers and educators everywhere.

Jenn Miller

Jenn Miller

Relationship Academy: Happily Ever After-ing – On the Road!

Led by Jennifer Pearce and Brandon Pearce

Thursday, October 10th, 9:00am-5:00pm

Would you love to bond at ever deeper levels as a family in your travels?

FAS is a community of traveling families, with real live kids, and real live parents. Need we say more? 

Getting along with each other matters. As you may have noticed, being a happy family isn’t something that simply happens to you. It’s something you create every single day through very intentional habits and focus. Yes, it’s challenging. And yes, the rewards are so very worth the effort.

Come learn to cultivate an increasingly supportive & loving family connection along your journey!

During this academy, you’ll become really clear about the skills we all need to develop as family travelers, to ensure our relationships together are thriving.

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Achieve a satisfying combination of quality & quantity time spent together, incorporating couple time, one-on-one parent child time, & whole family time –– including time for yourself!
  • Blend together right-brain approaches (feeling based) & left-brain approaches (thinking based) into your family communication & decision-making process
  • Hold space for emotional meltdowns during travel, from adult or child family members, without melting down yourself.
  • Incorporate an ideal mix of adventuring with adequate time for rest & integration, by creating an optimal family harmony of structure, routine, & planning in combination with desired amounts of flexibility & spontaneity.
  • Work well together as a family traveling TEAM, through providing space for equal support, acknowledgement, & expression for everyone’s feelings & needs, while ensuring turn-taking, and inclusion of each family member’s dreams into the plans.
  • Increase a focus of compassion & appreciation in your family relationships as you travel together.

About Jennifer and Brandon Pearce

Brandon and Jennifer Pearce are the founders of the Family Adventure Summit. They have been traveling long-term with their three daughters (ages 16, 14, and 8) for the past 10 years, living in and/or visiting 45+ countries.

Brandon is an entrepreneur, investor, musician, avid reader, and technology lover, striving to live life to the fullest. He owns several literal 4-hour workweek businesses that he checks in on from wherever he is in the world.

Jennifer is an enthusiast for intuitive, heart-led living who loves sharing with others in experiencing our full joy and potential to make a positive difference. She is also a certified high performance coach.

Their family website is

Jennifer and Brandon Pearce

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you offering these Academies?

Because of you! 🙂 Many of you have asked for sessions that can go deeper than what a 1 or even 2 hour conference session can offer. So... we put together these academies on topics that were hugely popular at our inaugural conference. Each one is led by a skilled and knowledgeable facilitator, including those who received top marks by our attendees.

Why are these academies not included in the conference registration?

Because of the significant time, space, and energy commitment required to run several all-day workshops with the focus and intensity that is needed, and because not everyone is interested in attending an all-day workshop on these topics, we felt that asking everyone to pay part of the cost of workshops they won't attend wouldn't be fair. So we have made this an optional component of FAS 2019.

Will childcare be provided during these academies?

No. Unlike the main Family Adventure Summit event, where we have an epic kids program with well-facilitated and educational activities for all ages, these academies are for adults only (except for the Travel Academy) and will not include child care. We encourage you to make arrangements with a spouse, other visiting families, or a babysitter to take care of your younger children so you can focus 100% on this learning opportunity. However, we welcome you to bring infants in arms as needed.

Are these academies more for beginning or experienced travelers?

Both! These topics have never-ending levels of depth and growth. There is always more to learn and practice. Whatever level you are at, our aim is to provide value, perspective, and practical takeaways for you to apply in your own life journeys to make your family travel adventure more fulfilling and meaningful.

Do I need to register for the conference before I can register for an academy?

No. However, because space is limited, we are first launching these to registered attendees only, and if there is still space leftover, we will open registrations for the general public as well.

What is your workshop cancellation policy?

All sales are final and are not refundable or transferable.

Click here to register for the academies today! And we hope to see you there!

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