2017 Conference Program

Our 2018 schedule for San Miguel de Allende, Mexico will be posted here as soon as it is available. In the mean time, you can review the schedule from our 2017 conference below and check out what our 2017 attendees had to say about the Family Adventure Summit!

Conference Schedule

The Family Adventure Summit runs from September 1st to 3rd 2017. Scroll down to see our growing list of workshops, discussions, panels, activities, and keynote speeches. 

Each day will begin with keynote speaker presentations in the morning, followed by hour-long workshops. There will be a long lunch break each day. After lunch, there will be a mix of workshops, speaker panels, and “unconference” style discussions where the attendees choose what topics they would like to discuss and we break into small groups for intimate conversations. The evenings will be left open to planned casual events, long conversations over dinner, and impromptu gatherings.

Here is our outline for the flow of the event:

Day 1: Getting Ready!

This day is devoted to all the topics around the preparation for travel.

Day 2: On The Adventure!

On Saturday, we will be talking about the practicalities while on the road. Be inspired by real stories. We’ll also get out together and explore the town of Penticton, in true family travel adventure spirit.

Day 3: From Plan to Action. What Happens After?

Our last day is devoted to making your plans your reality, as well as making travel a meaningful and fulfilling experience for your family, during and afterward!

Speaker Topics

We hope to cover all aspects of long term travel. Logistics, education, location independence, entrepreneurship, money, budgets, single-parent travelers, getting more out of travel, living your truth, dealing with naysayers, staying in contact with friends and family, intuition, and many more!

Check out our Speaker Page for the list of Keynote Speakers and Workshop leaders.

Daily Schedule

Day 1
31 Aug 2017


Come down to the foyer to sign in, get your name tags, and meet some new friends. Register tonight to avoid the rush on Friday Morning. 5pm to 8pm in the Conference Center Lobby.
Day 2
01 Sep 2017

Opening Ceremony – Whole Family

This is more than just an orientation. It’s an fun and important session to help connect us together and get a feel for what the Family Adventure Summit is really about, what to expect, and how to make the most of it with your family. You’ll also meet the staff and volunteers and walk away inspired to learn, share, and make new friends.
Brandon Pearce

Drumming Circle – Whole Family

Bobby’s Drum Circles allow every participant to experience success and passion for music, dance, and song. The interactive music making creates a highly charged atmosphere that increases camaraderie, reduces stress, and fosters a sense of community and celebration. Participants will build qualities such as cultural understanding, teamwork, and self-confidence through the instruction of drumming as an art and a recreational activity.
Bobby Bovenzi

Welcome From Penticton

The City of Penticton will be personally welcoming our attendees to this beautiful city!

Keynote – Dismantling Limiting Beliefs

In this Keynote, Ka will discuss how to dismantle the limiting beliefs that have been imposed on us by society. How can we create a life that is lived on our own terms, be strong in our convictions, and live the life we dream of? What can we do and how can we respond to the people in our lives who may not agree with our lifestyle choices? How can we stay positive through the ups and downs of long-term family travel? Join Ka as he explores his own personal story of living outside of societal norms explains how you can begin to break down your own limiting beliefs.
Ka Sundance

Dramatically Increase Traffic to Your Blog Or Website

Have a great travel blog? Want to have more sales, more subscribers, more comments, more website interactions? Come listen to Paul explain practical ways to actually increase your website traffic, from Google, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and others. Paul takes the complex and breaks it down to laymen terms enabling you to have with a list of things you can do today to increase your traffic to your website. From your travel blog to a business site increased traffic can significantly impact your family’s income and help your adventure fund!
Paul Kortman

How To Raise Adventurous Kids

The world is changing. It’s becoming more global, open, and interconnected. Raising adventurous kids is about preparing our children to take risks, to go outside their comfort zone, to take on challenges whether that’s physical, social, cultural or academic. In this workshop, National Geographic Traveler of the Year, Christine Gilbert will talk about easy ways to encourage your kids to be more adventurous, both at home and abroad.
Christine Gilbert
12:00 - 14:00


Panel Discussion – Entrepreneurship

While there are many ways to fund long-term family travel, starting your own business is a popular choice amongst digital nomads. This panel discussion will bring together successful entrepreneurs who will discuss their businesses and their secrets to success. Come armed with your own questions about building and growing your own business in this informal discussion on entrepreneurship.
Paul Kortman

Traveling Light with Kids

Sometimes it feels like you need to pack the kitchen sink and then some just to take your kids on an afternoon outing, not to mention all the miscellany required for a week at the beach or a road trip to see the grandparents. How on earth can you pack minimally enough to travel lightly with kids? After having spent over 18 months on the road with four (and now five) young kids, Stephanie has learned the art of traveling lightly no matter what age your children are. Whether it’s babies and toddlers, school-aged children, teens, or adults, everyone in the Langford household follows the “one bag” rule, and she’ll not only tell you but show you how, as she unpacks their actual backpacks, talking about what’s inside and why!
Stephanie Langford


This part of the day will be dedicated to answering your questions and discussing topics that you are interested in! Attendees will be invited to suggest their own topics and we will break into small groups to discuss what interests you most. Come armed with questions and a sharing attitude and we will have an intimate knowledge exchange.

Unconference Discussion – How to Fund Long-Term Travel

How can families afford long-term travel? Do they win the lottery? Do they have trust funds? Are they independantly wealthy? NO! (Well, not any that we have met so far!) Just as there are many kinds of family travelers, so too are there many different ways to earn an income while traveling. From owning businesses, to online work, to renting out their homes, to having a part-time location dependent job, there are hundreds of ways to earn money AND travel the world with your family. In this informal panel discussion, participants will share the many ways they earn a living. Who knows, maybe you will discover a new income stream (or two!) that you had never thought of before! Bring your questions and your desire to share your story to this discussion.

Family Picnic

Meet in the grassy area on the East side of the Lakeside. Bring your own food and drinks to this family picnic. This will be a casual event for socializing and there will also be a few organized games later on in the evening. 6PM to 8PM.

Dad’s Night

Meet in the foyer at 8pm (please don’t be late!). Dad’s will be heading out to a local pub for some drink and conversation.
Keith King
Day 3
02 Sep 2017

Enliven Your Day Yoga

An Incredible Opportunity That Might Never Be Repeated! Only a select group of like-minded yoga enthusiasts will pop into Penticton to be a part of the quest to recognize their Zen and Inner Fire amidst the adventure! You’ll find unsurpassed knowledge of you, taking you out of the guidebooks and into the world you’re about to discover. And with this practice, you’re bound to strike a balance. Join this playful practice that is seriously aligned with the new and challenging. Part workshop and part flow. All curious enjoyment. We’ll finish with a version of Wim Hof’s breathing method to energize ourselves for the rest of the day (jumping into a cold lake is optional.) After all, with so much to gain—and with absolutely nothing to lose—shouldn’t you at least show-up?
Sabina King

Keynote – Big, Epic Adventures With Young Children

Author, editor and filmmaker Christine Gilbert has been adventuring around the world with babies since 2010. She and her husband traveled around the world with her first child, visiting 15 countries in 12 months. When the second baby came, they bike-camped as a family across Europe. And this summer they hit the road again with their third baby and road-tripped across Mexico in a restored VW Vanagon. In this keynote, Christine will talk about how to make travel with young children a joy, how to adventure big and why your children’s early childhood is one of the best times to attempt that big, epic, adventure.
Christine Gilbert

Keynote – The Science of Learning

Unlock the “black box” that is the brain! For centuries, the brain remained a mystery, and any attempt at understanding what happened inside was little more than a guess. Now, with the emergence of new technologies, science has unlocked the box – at least partially. Let’s dive deep inside the brain, and find out what actually happens at the cellular level when we learn. Once we understand the science behind learning, we can tap into that to make our children’s education more effective.
Nancy Sathre-Vogel


Jennifer Miller will be explaining our Worldschooling Lunch Adventure and announcing some very special prizes to be won!
Jennifer Miller
11:30 - 14:00


How To Build Your Social Media Presence

Are you a blogger? Do you run an online business? Do you wish to learn from an expert and grow your social media presence? In this session, Ka will discuss how to use YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to reach thousands of like-minded people with your message and videos.
Ka Sundance

Unpacking the Worldschooling Lunch

Join Jenn Sutherland-Miller to unpack the worldschooling experience. Develop strategies for maximizing learning through everyday life and travel experiences. Discuss tools for multi-age learning and community-based education. Discover ways to “stack the deck” to improve engagement and outcomes for students in non-traditional settings. If you are nervous about how to take your kids out of the classroom and educate them in the real world, this session is practical and engaging.
Jennifer Miller

Creating Home on the Road: The Magical Travel Balance

Do you often crave more energy and life balance in your travels or simply long for the comforts of home? We’ll be sharing how to create home on the road while also generating consistently amazing energy for the journey! In this workshop you’ll explore what the feeling of home means to you, in all areas of your life. You’ll discover how to create home in yourself, your relationships, your daily living, and your surrounding community and culture. You’ll also begin designing a travel pace and style in harmony with the feeling of home you’d like to establish. Determine to use your inner navigation system with precision, and experience more aliveness, connection, and joy than ever before. Come learn the art of adventuring from your heart!
Jennifer Pearce
Jennifer Pearce

Teen Panel

A chance for adults to ask teens questions about how they feel about travel as a lifestyle, what they enjoy, what they dislike, and how they feel travel has helped to shape their education.
Jennifer Pearce
Jennifer Pearce

How to use your experiences on the road as the basis of your child’s education.

Ditch the pre-written curriculum, and use your travels as your day-to-day guide to your child’s education. In this session, we’ll talk details about how – exactly – parents can use their daily travel activities for a tailor-made curriculum.
Nancy Sathre-Vogel

Worldschooling Is More Than Sight Seeing and Selfies

Traveling with your kids, learning about the places you visit and capturing iconic selfies is not enough to obtain a really great education. Nomadic with seven kids for the past ten years, Greg and Rachel want to ensure their children not only have great experiences but become truly educated and prepared for the future. They don’t have all the answers, but they are striving for an ideal. In this presentation, they’ll share the four pillars of a world-class education.
Greg Denning

Creating An Online Ethical Business

In this session, Ka will explore how to make a living sharing your passion with the world, so you can create more meaning in your life and time with your children.
Ka Sundance

Trigger Point For Travel

How to tell if you are “running away” or “heading to” and how it will shape your perception when you get there.  We’ll discuss how to “pack light” and access your “inner navigation” system to see if you are on the best route forward for loving, meaningful, and empowering travel experiences on your journey through life.
Azizi Birkeland

Documenting Your Family Adventures

In this workshop, Jesse will teach you how to take better photos by sharing basic but crucial practical techniques like “take pictures of what your family does, not what they pose in front of”. He’ll share his expertise on how to make a beautiful photo album including how to quickly select and keep only your best images. He will explore the art of storytelling, how to know what is worth recording and how to create sets of images that are personal and tell a story and he’ll discuss why we take photos by exploring your end goal for your photos. Jesse will also be discussing picking the right camera to match your needs and budgets. If you have always wanted to take better photos, this workshop is for you!
Jesse Ajayi

Closing Announcements

Brandon Pearce

Mom’s Night

A night just for the moms. Meet in the foyer at 8pm (please don’t be late!) and be ready for some great conversations with new friends!
Jennifer Miller
Day 4
03 Sep 2017

Morning Yoga

Our class will consist of a series of gentle warm-ups, Vinyasa flow sequences that work to stretch, strengthen and align the body, deep breathing to cleanse and calm the mind and body and a final relaxation that allows the entire body and brain to relax and let go of tension. Meet in the foyer.
Rowena Kirk

Keynote – How To Live A Great Story

Why are you coming to the Family Adventure Summit? Deep down you want to live a great family story. Great stories have meaning, love, and adventure. Great plots have obstacles the hero or heroine must overcome. Our lives become mundane with too few challenges to face and too little meaning in our daily activities, no matter where we are on the globe. On his own at age sixteen, Greg spent a few hard years hungry, lonely and depressed. Today he’s happily married and the father of seven children. As a family, they’ve traveled for the last 10 years to 33 countries on 5 continents. The driving force behind his life transformation has always been, how do I live a great story? His story will inspire you to live yours.
Greg Denning

Keynote – Secrets of Longterm Family Travel

Dreaming of hitting the road with your kids? Wondering how to make it last more than a semester or a year off? After ten years of nearly full time travel with four kids, Jenn Sutherland-Miller will unpack the secrets of long term family travel, and help you chart a path to a whole new way of living, working, educating and exploring while traveling with kids. From planning, to finances, to logistics and the evolution of family life, she’ll share the keys to sustainability on the road.
Jennifer Miller

Planning Workshop for Longterm Travel

A roundtable discussion of the specifics of planning YOUR longterm travel with your kids. Drawing from 10 years experience on the road with children, ages 5 through adult, Jenn will share the basics of where to get started with planning your trip, major considerations and obstacles, as well as resources for a successful journey, and managing the many transitions that come with lifestyle travel as a family across multiple age groups of children. Come ready to share. Bring your questions and concerns. Let’s talk about the logistics that matter most!
Jennifer Miller

7 Kids, 10 Years, 33 Countries — Lessons Learned

Family travel is glamorous… on Instagram. The reality is never-ending potty breaks, sand in your shorts and motion sickness. Family travel is tough. In this presentation, the Dennings will show you how to toughen up and travel anyways with dos and don’ts, failures and triumphs, and tips and strategies for funding, functioning and family felicity.
Greg Denning
12:00 - 13:30


Cultivating Rewarding Relationships Amid Differing Perspectives

Are you excited by the life choices you are making, but struggling with how family and friends are responding? Do differences of opinion or a lack of understanding contribute to emotional difficulties in your relationships? Would you like to discern how to work with these dynamics in constructive ways? You’re in good company! After years of living as a people pleasing perfectionist, and at the untimely passing of my dear mom, I finally started paying serious attention to my own heart. As a result, four years later, I began making several unconventional life choices. Within a six month period, I left my home town, country, and religion and began full-time traveling and worldschooling with my own growing family. Feathers were certainly ruffled in my relationships. This isn’t how I was raised, after all, and I had no instruction manual. It’s a journey going on eight years now, and one I can’t help but be grateful for. I’ve learned how to foster healthier relationships with myself and others, and transform or let go of what’s no longer working. Please join me in this supportive community, as we explore the possibilities for meaningful interactions beyond differences. We’ll identify what we value most in our relationships, and perceive what’s holding us back from the wholehearted connections we seek. My aspiration is to mark a turning point, for all of us, toward relationships that make an exceptionally positive impact.
Jennifer Pearce
Jennifer Pearce

Repatriation: How to return, adjust, and thrive.

You’ve already been on some extended family travels, and now you’re returning “home”, for whatever reason. After encountering a variety of perspectives, people and cultural experiences, how do you embrace re-entry to your home country? How do you approach your return with the same enthusiasm in which you first started your travels? Alisa will explore the benefits, challenges, and practical strategies for living a more settled life, while continuing to find adventure in routine.
Alisa from Living Outside The Box

Pow Wow Culture And Dance Workshop – Whole Family

Penticton local, Anita is Cree originally from the Saddle Lake First Nation, in Alberta. She is a former Pow Wow Fancy Dancer and has extensive knowledge to share regarding PowWow Culture. Through stories, song, and dance Anita will lead the whole family in learning more about the Pow Wow culture and history, as well as have an opportunity to learn a few, simple dances.

While parents are in conference, the children will be enjoying their own learning opportunities! Check out our fun and exciting children’s activities!