Family Travel Webinars

The Family Adventure Summit is offering a FREE pre-conference webinar series featuring intimate conversations with fellow family travelers! Each month we will be hosting a live, interactive video interview where you’ll get to help ask the questions! We’ll be talking about family travel, worldschooling, location independence and more!

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Webinar Archives

Webinar with Brandon Pearce and Mathew Jarvis

Ready to meet your tribe? One of the best parts of this conference will be all the amazing people you’ll meet… to know there are other people out there like you, with similar questions, hopes, who can also give you insights and guidance in your own family travels. Who will become one of your newest close friends? On this Live event you’ll get to “meet” some of the faces at the Summit.


Webinar With Jennifer Miller

If you have been following the family travel community online, you may already be familiar with Jenn. She started traveling with her family of six before long-term family travel was a movement. They started traveling in 2008 and have raised four beautiful children on the road, two of whom are now embarking on adulthood.

They have ridden their bikes all over Europe, wintered in Tunisia, lived in Thailand, crisscrossed SE Asia, camped their way through Australia and New Zealand, and returned again and again to Guatemala which feels like “home” to them.

To find out more about Jennifer Miller, read her interview with Family Adventure Summit, follow her blog Edventure Project, find her writing at Medium, and learn about her passion project at Travel Access Project.

Webinar With Spramani Elaun

Spramani Elaun is an American natural art teacher and author of several art education books for children. Spramani Elaun has nurtured visual art lessons for thousands of children. She is founder of Nature of Art For Kids® Art School, an Earth-friendly non-toxic paint manufacturer, and founder of Colour Blocks™–the original square block recycled crayon company—and Art Kids Zone venues across the West Coast.


Webinar With Nancy Sathre-Vogel

After 21 years in a classroom teaching other people’s kids, Nancy Sathre-Vogel decided to throw caution to the wind and head out with her own children. Together with her husband and 8 – year-old twin sons, she spent a year biking around the USA and Mexico. Flushed with success from that experience, the family decided they wanted more – which lead to a jaunt from Alaska to Argentina. After cycling 17,285 miles through 15 countries in 33 months, the boys had earned the distinction of being the youngest people to cycle the length of the Americas. Nancy has a wealth of experience traveling with a young family and is passionate about education. In this discussion, we dive into what education looks like while on the road, along with a host of other topics.