Our Team

These talented individuals are volunteering their time and working hard behind the scenes to create an inspiring, educational, and connecting experience for all of us at The Family Adventure Summit!

Brandon Pearce – Founder

In his 9th year traveling the world with his wife Jen and three daughters, successful 4-hour workweek entrepreneur, Brandon Pearce is passionate about living life to the fullest while inspiring others to follow their dreams. For Brandon, travel is a catalyst for personal growth, transformation, and family bonding, and he and has family continue to grow and be stretched through visiting and living in now over 36 countries. Brandon is the founder of the Family Adventure Summit, Music Teacher’s Helper, and several other exciting projects that he manages online from around the world. Brandon has been featured on Tim Ferriss’ 4-hour workweek blog and in Chris Guillebeau’s New York Times best-selling book “The $100 Startup”. www.PearceOnEarth.com






Jennifer Pearce – Co-Founder

Jennifer is an enthusiast for intuitive, heart-led living who finds joy in creating life on the other side of her fears. She values showing up as her authentic self to truly come alive in this experience of life, and feels the reason we’re all different is because we each have a unique contribution to make. She is also a certified high-performance coach and loves sharing with others in this process of living into our full joy and potential to make a positive difference.

Striving to deepen her relationships and connections to the world around and within her, she’s made many life-changing choices. Since 2009, she’s been an avid full-time traveler and worldschooler with her husband, Brandon, and their three daughters. She loves singing, culinary arts, writing, reading, mindfulness, and dancing. She especially enjoys delving into the realm of interpersonal communication and relationships. Discovering the interconnectedness of life and love and making the most of it, is for her, the journey of a lifetime!



Amy Sztupovszky – Logistics Coordinator

Full-time mother, part-time gardener, passionate family traveler, and local food enthusiast, Amy is living her dream of raising her two boys as global citizens. Amy and her family enjoy the best of both worlds, traveling in the winter and enjoying the pleasures of their home base in British Columbia the rest of the year. Amy follows a worldschooling philosophy and believes that traveling is the best education she can provide for her children.






Jenn Miller – Speaker Coordinator

Jenn Miller traveled full time with her husband and four children for almost eight years, across six continents. Worldschooling her children from birth to university, travel was an integral part of their educational process. She is a teacher by training, a professional writer and editor in the travel and alternative education markets. She is passionate about women’s issues, social justice, and continuing to learn every day. In conjunction with the American Gap Association and BootsnAll, she’s developing the Travel Access Project, an open-source curriculum resource at the intersection of education and adventure; a free tool for travelers and educators everywhere.




Theresa Bovenzi – Children’s Program Coordinator

Theresa inherited the travel bug from her gypsy mama. Although she’s been known to fall in love with faraway places, she’ll always call Beautiful British Columbia home. Some of Theresa’s passions include sunshine, music, nature, enthusiasm based learning, family adventures, and building and nurturing community.

Theresa is a founding member and lead organizer of Jam Camp Society and Valley of Friends Learning Circle, both non-profit organizations promoting life-long family learning. Theresa has extensive experience in organizing and leading community events, celebrations, workshops, and camps.




Rebeca Bernard

Rebecca Bernard was born in San Jose, Costa Rica and raised in Los Angeles, California. As a product of a multicultural family, she has always had an affinity for cultural exploration. Her mission is to cultivate projects that inspire global change and instill a sense of universal curiosity, respect and appreciation for our basic humanity while celebrating our differences.

Rebecca holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from UCLA in World Arts and Cultures with a minor in French. She is a true lover of languages and speaks Spanish fluently as well as French and Italian conversationally. In 2012, Rebecca obtained her Master’s Degree in Communication Management from the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California. Her specializations include global, cross-cultural and digital communication in the parenting, education and travel space, as well as languages and all things arts and culture.



Clint Bush – Website Developer

Graphic designer/web developer, Clint Bush, and his family of five have traveled to many parts of the world including Paraguay, Philippines, India, and Indonesia. Inspired by his wife’s love of travel, Clint strives to seek out new experiences where ever he goes. Together, he and his wife raise their three children of 21, 8, and 5, and inspire them to enjoy the experiences the world has to offer. Clint is no stranger to the world of freelance and location independent work. As a digital nomad, Clint co-owns UnchartedArts.com—a design and web business that provides online consulting, coaching, and development for small businesses and entrepreneurs.





George Kaponay – Sponsorship Co-ordinator

George is now in the seventh continuous year of traveling the world with his wife Bobi and their twin – boy/girl teenage children Lalika and Réka.
This journey has brought them closer together as a cohesive and loving family and they value this as one of the greatest rewards they could have in life.
The Kaponays have visited and lived in more than 40 countries on six continents. Learning, fostering greater understanding and empathy between people is key to their ongoing development as a family. George feels a strong passion for helping families realize their greatest strengths and in facilitating the means by which families can find their direction and build and live their own family stories of success. Together with his wife and their children, over the course of their travels and learnings, they created The Intuition Game and Labour of Love, a process to help you find your true direction and see your family’s, group’s or business ventures come to fruition.