FAS 2017 Schedule of Events

Conference Schedule

The Family Adventure Summit runs from September 1st to 3rd 2017. We are currently in the process of creating our schedule of events and making sure that we have all of the topics covered that our community has asked for!

Each day will begin with keynote speaker presentations in the morning, followed by hour-long workshops. There will be a long lunch break each day. After lunch, there will be a mix of workshops, speaker panels, and “unconference” style discussions where the attendees choose what topics they would like to discuss and we break into small groups for intimate conversations. The evenings will be left open to planned casual events, long conversations over dinner, and impromptu gatherings.

Here is our outline for the flow of the event:

Day 1: Getting Ready!

This day is devoted to all the topics around the preparation for travel.

Day 2: On The Adventure!

On Saturday, we will be talking about the practicalities while on the road. Be inspired by real stories. We’ll also get out together and explore the town of Penticton, in true family travel adventure spirit.

Day 3: From Plan to Action. What Happens After?

Our last day is devoted to making your plans your reality, as well as making travel a meaningful and fulfilling experience for your family, during and afterward!

Speaker Topics

We hope to cover all aspects of long term travel. Logistics, education, location independence, entrepreneurship, money, budgets, single-parent travelers, traveling with a disability, getting more out of travel, living your truth, dealing with naysayers, staying in contact with friends and family, intuition, and many more!

Check out our Speaker Page for the list of Keynote Speakers and Workshop leaders.

Kid’s Activities: Art, culture, technology, nature, and more!

We have an amazing artist, Spramani Elaun who will be holding an Open Art space for kids (and adults) to come in and do self-directed art projects through the day. Spramani will also be giving presentations on cultivating a love of art for traveling families, and several art workshops throughout each day focusing on art that is portable for travel and using travel as your artistic inspiration!

Our children’s coordinator, Theresa Bovenzi, will be incorporating fun activities for the 5 and over crowd both indoors and out. Workshops will cover a full spectrum of adventure, culture, movement, music, art, and technology. Children can expect to be thoroughly engaged with a wide range of activities from exploring the local flora and fauna on an eco hike, to learning songs from cultures around the world, to playing games in the nearby park, to learning new skills.

Local artists, mentors, and instructors will share their knowledge of local First Nations history and culture, experimenting and jamming with musical instruments, learning new styles of dance from different cultures, and playing games from all around the world.

Older kids will enjoy hands-on educational workshops from Minecraft hacking, to songwriting, video production, and more!

Children will have the opportunity to take in some of the uniquely Okanagan resources that downtown Penticton has to offer such as the Penticton Art Gallery, Ikeda Japanese Gardens, beautiful Okanagan Beach, SS Sicamous Heritage Park, and Hoodoo Adventures Indoor Climbing Gym.

Arts such as creative writing, sketching, watercolor, and photography will be integrated into these outings, as well as opportunities to share and strengthen skills in exploration with technology with Geocaching, video and sound recording and editing, and Minecrafting.

Our hope is that every child will find something that resonates with them and that this weekend will be filled with fun, learning, adventure, and new friends!

The 4 and under crowd will be playing with their very own facilitator who will be creating a program of fun activities to keep our youngest attendees busy and happy while parents are enjoying the conference.

More information about our schedule of events is coming soon so stay tuned!